vouch for (someone or something)

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vouch for (someone or something)

1. To state one's personal confidence in someone or something as reliable, effective, etc.; to personally guarantee someone or something. I can't believe you fell asleep on the job even after I vouched for you! I drove one of these for 20 years, so I can definitely vouch for its dependability.
2. To act as evidence supporting something. Your long list of published works certainly vouches for your expertise in the field.
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vouch for someone or something

to support or back someone or something; to endorse someone or something. I can vouch for Tom. Irene will vouch for my honesty.
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vouch for

1. To give personal assurances of something or someone; give a guarantee of something or someone: I can't vouch for that company's reliability because I've never dealt with them.
2. To constitute supporting evidence for something; give substantiation for something: The candidate's strong record vouches for her ability.
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Feb 11 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday vouched for an idea of six Rs for sustainable development- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Redesign and Remanufacture, with the view to safeguarding nature.
Another interpreter involved in the case, Karim Mawiya Cader Mohammed, appeared in court yesterday with his employer who vouched for his integrity.
It's been a gradual process, and defining it all, is that with corporate encouragement, over the first two years of the channel's existence, I have made myself effectively the American face of the channel and vouched for its credibility and value.
During Wright's recent trial, witnesses called by his attorney testified about the extensive criminal activity in the neighborhood and vouched for the homeowner's reputation as a "hard-working, middleclass American.
A business associate vouched for Marston's offbeat arrangement, remembering him as "the most remarkable host, with a lovely bunch of kids from different wives.
Tracey Aitken, 34, of Forfar, and Lorraine Sturton, 34, of Dundee, told Dundee Sheriff Court they had not vouched for McLauchlan.
Francis Parkman wrote a preface for the book and vouched for the truth of the main incidents.
Like a couple of Mafia molls, Cabinet Secretaries Donna Shalala and Madeleine Albright ostentatiously vouched for the Big Fish.