vouch for

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vouch for (someone or something)

1. To state one's personal confidence in someone or something as reliable, effective, etc.; to personally guarantee someone or something. I can't believe you fell asleep on the job even after I vouched for you! I drove one of these for 20 years, so I can definitely vouch for its dependability.
2. To act as evidence supporting something. Your long list of published works certainly vouches for your expertise in the field.
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vouch for someone or something

to support or back someone or something; to endorse someone or something. I can vouch for Tom. Irene will vouch for my honesty.
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vouch for

1. To give personal assurances of something or someone; give a guarantee of something or someone: I can't vouch for that company's reliability because I've never dealt with them.
2. To constitute supporting evidence for something; give substantiation for something: The candidate's strong record vouches for her ability.
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I won't vouch for this, since I've heard this frequently told about any offspring.
Now, as anchor, I was in position to vouch for at least half of the material that went on air because I got to speak it and I could edit it on the fly if I felt that there were any inaccuracies or imbalances in it.
I vouch for his work, I vouch for his character and I urge you to stand with him and support him in the work that he's doing for families, for life, for the unborn, here in our nation's capital.
According to the Globe and Mail newspaper Graham had to wait while his staff found a way to vouch for his identity.
This elicited laughter from all within earshot (including myself), and especially Dan, who quipped, "I'll vouch for that.
I can't vouch for the integrity of any of the sites--I haven't used any of them, but it might be worth your time to check out some of them.
Several companies, including RSA Security, promote FIM software products, but I can't vouch for their quality as of this writing.
I feel sorry for men in certain situations, but don't forget there is another side to the coin as I'm sure lots of other women can vouch for.
Having played alongside Tony at Celtic, I can vouch for his leadership qualities.
I can vouch for that, having spent a weekend at my bolthole in Ireland with 12 of them from my family.
Having worked in a racing yard, I can vouch for how hard they work.
CEOs must also personally vouch for their companies' statements and provide well-documented evidence that their internal control systems are adequate.
If they can't vouch for the carrier's long-term stability and financial strength, how can they recommend such carriers to their customers?
83), and vouchers ("If one genuinely seeks soul freedom for everyone, he can't vouch for vouchers," p.
Seaman both lives and works in the neighborhood and can vouch for the quality of the neighborhood, but fears a perception still exists that it is an inferior environment.