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According to Broadcast and Cable, two of the nation's largest landline phone companies have reported huge spikes in call volumes on voting nights.
Absentee voting is one of the most securely processed votes cast,'' Dawson said.
make a voting system that's more reliable and secure than what we have now or have ever had.
Columnist Whelahan applauds As You Sow's efforts in shedding more light on the proxy voting process.
Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), there is growing bipartisan interest in addressing the lack of voting representation in Congress for District residents.
Of the many voting systems in use today, Gumbel devotes much of his attention to Direct Recording Election devices (DREs), the latest high-tech panacea.
The Supreme Court has since struck down oddly shaped districts in Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas, saying the states could not constitutionally use race as the "predominant factor" in fashioning voting districts.
One of the many election protection groups formed after the 2000 election is led by Bey Harris, a grandmother from Washington state whose book Black Box Voting exposed the dangers of entrusting a democratic election to a Windows-based system.
Most embarrassing vote: I'm embarrassed for my country that in my entire voting life, there has never been a major-party candidate whom I felt I could vote for.
For instance, if he sees "a busload of Hispanic individuals who didn't speak English and who voted," he plans to follow that bus to make sure they aren't voting more than once.
Some state legislatures are considering extending voting rights to 16- and 17-year-olds.
A relic of our founders' reservations about direct democracy in the late eighteenth century, a time when no such thing had ever been achieved beyond the confines of a city state, the Electoral College today is not a deliberative body, but a way of apportioning 535 voting units to the 50 states according to the size of their delegations to Congress, plus three electoral votes to the District of Columbia, the nation's capital that sends no voting members to either house of Congress.
Debate on the Hill surrounds voting rights for former felons
13 (1999), the Tax Court recently held that a premium for the voting rights of a minority interest in common stock of a closely held corporation should be based on a percentage of the company's value.