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During the two-hour voting window, callers who get through can vote as many times as their redial buttons allow.
More than half of the votes cast for the city elections in April were done through absentee voting, City Clerk Sharon Dawson said.
But whether they are the best option remains to be seen, and the search for the most practical and secure voting technology goes on.
But with the 2002 passage by Congress of the landmark Sarbanes-Oxley Act, mutual funds and other representative brokers must now reveal their proxy voting records for public perusal.
Yet, its residents have no voting representation in Congress--no vote in the U.
There are negative campaign tactics geared toward changing voters' minds about a candidate, underhanded efforts to prevent voting by leafleting poor neighborhoods with "informational fliers" that tell residents where to go to vote .
By 1945, only about 3 percent of the 5 million blacks of voting age in the South were registered to vote.
But his victory doesn't fix some of the essential problems with electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail or the dubious central tabulator computers that are as open to hacking as any other personal computer.
As Campaign 2004 entered its home stretch, we asked a variety of policy wonks, journalists, thinkers, and other public figures in the reason universe to reveal for whom they were voting this fall, for whom they pulled the lever last time around, their most embarrassing presidential vote, and their favorite president of all time.
that they want to stand out in front of polling places and report voters--anyone they feel is here illegally and is voting in our elections," he says.
They cite poor voter turnout among 18- to 24-year olds as evidence that many young people do not take voting seriously.
But there is one thing keeping Mathes from participating fully in society--like most former convicts, Mathes is barred from the voting booth.
13 (1999), the Tax Court recently held that a premium for the voting rights of a minority interest in common stock of a closely held corporation should be based on a percentage of the company's value.