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Here's what you need to know about voting in Texas this year:
In turn, voting well means the following: (a) One should vote for the candidate who one believes will best (3) serve the common good (i.e., one should not vote for narrow self-interest).
During the two-hour voting window, callers who get through can vote as many times as their redial buttons allow.
But by focusing on the specter of significant electronic voting fraud, Rubin's critique of America's election system suffers from an even bigger mistake than confusing the elephant's tail with its think.
But whether they are the best option remains to be seen, and the search for the most practical and secure voting technology goes on.
The best-known and undoubtedly the most frequently used type of retail fraud is "repeat voting." Repeaters are people who vote numerous times in an election under assumed names, names taken from people who have died, moved away, never existed, or just names chosen from a phone book.
Curtis Gans is a voting expert at American University in Washington, D.C.
Mark Latham, a Wall Street veteran who founded the Corporate Monitoring Project to improve shareholder oversight of corporate management, warns that another pitfall of proxy voting is to cast one's ballots "along party lines," that is, according to recommendations laid out by a company's management team.
Just the barriers to obtain a photo ID may disenfranchise enough minority voters to violate the Voting Rights Act (VRA).
Already active in the antislavery movement and temperance campaigns (which urged abstinence from alcohol), women often enlisted in the fight for voting rights too.
But his victory doesn't fix some of the essential problems with electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail or the dubious central tabulator computers that are as open to hacking as any other personal computer.
As noted last week, "many media outlets have reported that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in a recent memorandum addressed to US Bishops, gave approval for voting for pro-abortion candidates as long as the voter agreed with the candidate on other serious issues.
Many members of the media are looking at the dangers voting machines may pose to the integrity of the national election.