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337 MPs voted in favor of the article, while 71 voted against it.
The Denver Post's editorial board called the vote "pernicious," and Councilman Charlie Brown, who voted against the resolution, wrote a column calling it "a shame and a sham." Local radio host Mike Rosen blustered that "the ACLU will applaud Denver officials for their uncompromising dedication to civil rights.
He was wearing a red rose but voted for ratification because he had received a letter from his mother that read, in part: "Hurrah and vote for suffrage!
Americans United blasted the stunt, noting that the amendment had already been voted down in the Senate in July.
For instance, if he sees "a busload of Hispanic individuals who didn't speak English and who voted," he plans to follow that bus to make sure they aren't voting more than once.
Now, LATIN TRADE readers have voted. Of 791 responses from readers polled by e-mail, nearly half--360 votes--voted for Miami as the headquarters for the secretariat.
The Anglican church in Cuba has voted against rejoining the Episcopal Church of the United States (ECUSA), despite an initial synod vote last year strongly in favour of the move.
Still, in the 2000 Presidential election, only 41 percent of Americans with mental retardation voted--10 percent lower than the number of those without mental retardation who voted. A key reason for this low turnout is inaccessible polling places and voting systems.
Despite initial problems with the electronic ballot, 69 percent of those who voted electronically said it was very easy to do, and another 15 percent said it was somewhat easy.
A spokesperson for Safeway said that if the employees voted "no" to the company's final offer, its three stores would be shutdown.
He voted for the wireless spin-off and has a hand in making several other decisions, including how chairman and CEO C.
Also, Congress was divided so evenly between Democrats and Republicans that northern Democrats found it necessary to block Republican efforts to enlarge the number of African American voters in the South, almost all of whom voted for Republican candidates.
And even if the referendum were legal, Jarolimek says producers have stepped forward with examples of being given wrong voting materials, failing to post lists of producers who requested absentee ballots and failing to post lists of producers who voted in person, which resulted in disqualification of voters without their knowledge.