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vote with (one's) feet

To show one's approval or disapproval of something through one's presence or absence, especially disapproval through leaving a place by walking out. After his inappropriate comment, we all voted with our feet and just walked away, leaving him standing there alone. If you want to support local businesses, you need to vote with your feet and your dollars—show up and buy stuff!
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vote with one's feet

Fig. to express one's dissatisfaction with something by leaving, especially by walking away. I think that the play is a total flop. Most of the audience voted with its feet during the second act. I am prepared to vote with my feet if the meeting appears to be a waste of time.
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vote with (one's) feet

To indicate a preference or an opinion by leaving or entering a particular locale: "If older cities are allowed to decay and contract, can citizens who vote with their feet ... hope to find better conditions anywhere else?" (Melinda Beck).
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vote with one's feet, to

To register disapproval by leaving. This slangy Americanism dates from the mid-twentieth century and, one writer speculates, may originally have referred to refugees who emigrate because they disapprove of their country’s policies or way of life.
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