vote (up)on (something)

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vote (up)on (something)

To decide a particular course of action or the outcome of some order through an organized vote. I can tell there is a lot of disagreement about this proposal, so why don't we all just vote on it? The state congress is voting upon a number of issues ahead of its summer recess next week.
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vote (up)on someone or something

to make a decision about someone or something by ballot. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The committee decided to vote on it. Are we going to vote on this?
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vote someone on(to something)

to elect someone to something, such as a board. Let's vote Christine onto the board. We voted Dave on last term.
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vote on

To hold a vote or referendum in order to decide the disposition of something: The committee will vote on the proposal next week.
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References in classic literature ?
'Question number two.--Whether, sir, you did not likewise give a voluntary pledge that you would support your colleague on every occasion; and whether you did not, the night before last, desert him and vote upon the other side, because the wife of a leader on that other side had invited Mrs Gregsbury to an evening party?'
Virginia-based REIT Chesapeake Lodging Trust (NYSE: CHSP) board of trustees has scheduled a special meeting of shareholders for 10 September to, among other things, consider and vote upon a proposal to approve the merger of the trust with and into a subsidiary of Virginia, US-based real estate investment trust (REIT) Park Hotels and Resorts Inc., the trust said.
The board of trustees of Chesapeake Lodging Trust (NYSE:CHSP) decided that the special shareholders' meeting that will among other things, consider and vote upon a proposal to approve the merger of the company with and into a subsidiary of Park Hotels & Resorts Inc, will be held on 10 September 2019 at 09:00 Eastern Time.
Tix anticipates that the 2019 annual meeting of stockholders will be held in September, where stockholders will be asked to vote upon the election of directors to the board as well as ratifying the selection of an auditor for the fiscal year...Tix will remain focused on its growth plan and on enhancing stockholder value for the benefit of all concerned and will not get distracted from its goals by Mr.
Perhaps it should be borne in mind that when Wimbledon Golf Club held a vote to decide whether they should sell their site to the All England Tennis Club, the administration insisted on a 75% deciding vote - 52% seems like an inadequate vote upon which to risk the utter dislocation and impoverishment of a country, an economy and a culture.
When her friend, Evelyn, suggests writing about the new Internet site, Scream Site, where aspiring filmmakers post scary videos for viewers to vote upon, Sabrina thinks she has found her topic.
14, 2018 to consider and vote upon a proposal to approve the merger agreement between IBCP and TCSB.
'We will vote on the probable cause on the seventh day, get the rules to include this in the agenda on the eighth day and vote upon it on the ninth day, which is on Dec.
"This is no way to run a chip shop, let alone an interesting and informative campaign for a vote upon which all our futures hang."
Therefore, thanks go to the unions, management and Acas for reaching an agreement for the staff to vote upon, with unions recommending acceptance of the latest offer.
"So the criteria that they vote upon, I guess - it having been to Japan recently (in 2019) - the likelihood is it would probably come back into this time zone.
The issue is subject to regulatory and shareholder approval and an Extraordinary General Assembly will be convened in November 2013 for shareholders to receive and vote upon the recommendation for the issue of the Additional Tier 1 Notes.
In February, the PES plans to convene an extraordinary congress to ratify the election of the candidate and vote upon the manifesto he or she is supposed to put forward.
(NASDAQ: EF) said it has established the date for a special meeting of its shareholders to consider and vote upon, among other things, a proposal to adopt a previously announced merger agreement, entered into on April 16, 2012.