vote into

vote (one) into (something)

To elect one into a position in public office through an official vote. Often used in passive constructions. It is the first time a candidate from a third political party has been voted into the presidency in over 70 years. We still have a number of questions we'd like answered before we feel prepared to vote him into the club.
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vote (something) into law

To cast a ballot in favor of adopting some proposed measure as a piece of established legislation. Citizens will be asked this fall whether to vote the controversial amendment into law. A slim majority voted the proposition into law.
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vote someone into something

 and vote someone in
to elect someone to office or to membership in a group. The other party finally voted a candidate into office. The people voted in the new officers.
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vote into

1. To select someone or something by vote for some office or for membership; elect someone or something to something: You must meet certain requirements in order to be voted into the club. We voted her into office by a landslide majority.
2. To ratify or reject some legislation, so as to bring it into some state of existence: Californians must decide whether to vote these propositions into law.
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In 2000, if states had electors equal to the number of House members, Al Gore would have turned his plurality win in the national popular vote into an Electoral College win even without victories in Florida and New Mexico.