vote for

vote for (someone or something)

1. To cast a ballot in support of a political candidate or proposition. I voted against raising taxes, but apparently the majority of people thought it was a good idea and voted for it. After that scandal, few people voted for the senator for reelection.
2. To express one's preference or desire for something. I thought going camping would be a great vacation idea, but the kids all voted for a trip to their grandparents' house in Florida instead. A: "What would everyone like for dinner?" B: "I vote for pizza!"
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vote for someone or something

to cast a ballot in favor of someone or something. Did you vote for Alice? I plan to vote for the tax freeze. Of course, I voted for myself! Wouldn't you?
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"I am a good deal occupied as a magistrate, and in the collection of documentary evidence, but I regard my time as being at the disposal of the public--and, in short, my friends have convinced me that a chaplain with a salary--a salary, you know-- is a very good thing, and I am happy to be able to come here and vote for the appointment of Mr.
"I suppose we all know whom we mean to vote for. Any man who wants to do justice does not wait till the last minute to hear both sides of the question.
It would really have been a matter of total indifference to him--that is to say, he would have taken the more convenient side, and given his vote for the appointment of Tyke without any hesitation--if he had not cared personally for Mr.
"Now just why did you vote for it?" Charmian asked.
"When the women get the ballot, they will vote for prohibition," I said.
And when they come to vote, they will vote for prohibition.
"So he is in some things, but I shall not vote for him, Polly; you know what his trade is?"
They were even, some of them, going to vote for him, and purposely to let him get a good many votes, so that the enemy might be thrown off the scent, and when a candidate of the other side was put up, they too might give him some votes.
The same principle prevails also in the choice of their senate; the manner of electing which is favourable also to an oligarchy; for all are obliged to vote for those who are senators of the first class, afterwards they vote for the same number out of the second, and then out of the third; but this compulsion to vote at the election of senators does not extend to the third and fourth classes and the first and second class only are obliged to vote for the fourth.
When the majority shall at length vote for the abolition of slavery, it will be because they are indifferent to slavery, or because there is but little slavery left to be abolished by their vote.
Get ready to punch the dial pad and vote for your favorite Idol contestant.
* The chief election officer of each state must determine the total popular vote for president/vice president in the entire nation even though some states may not have subscribed to the agreement.
Plenty of opposition existed, according to Collins: Democrats feared women would vote for the more socially progressive Republicans.
All he has to do is allow a free vote--a vote on which not even the Liberal cabinet is compelled to vote in favour of same-sex "marriage." The Bloc Quebecois will vote in favour of it, the Conservatives will vote against it, a handful of Liberals will vote for it, but the majority even of Liberals will use their good sense and vote the measure down.