vote against

vote against (someone or something)

1. To cast a ballot in opposition to a political candidate or proposition. I voted against raising taxes, but apparently the majority of people thought it was a good idea. The recent scandal led many people to vote against the senator for reelection.
2. To express one's preference against something. I thought going camping would be a great vacation idea, but the kids all voted against it. I vote against having pizza for dinner.
3. To align one's vote in opposition to someone or some group. The entire board of directors voted against me on the measure. Two countries voted against the rest of the United Nations to increase foreign aid spending in the war-torn region.
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vote against someone or something

to cast a ballot against someone or something. Are you going to vote against the provision? I plan to vote against David.
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@pea88 said: "So your decision to vote against same sex marriage is forgotten now?
Pressed if he would vote against the Government in a confidence motion in the circumstance of no-deal, Mr Hammond said: "It's a hypothetical question because I don't know what the confidence motion is.
"In PM's own words 'if MPs vote against the bill, they will be voting to stop Brexit'.
User-Friendly Phone Book, the largest shareholder of Rand Capital Corporation owning 1,455,993 shares or approximately 23.0% of the Company, urged Rand shareholders to vote AGAINST the proposed transaction with East Asset Management, LLC using the WHITE proxy card at the special meeting of shareholders scheduled to take place on May 16, 2019.
Leave campaigner, former Brexit secretary andConservative MP Dominic Raabwas another to vote against the PM's Brexit deals in both January and March.
Blyth Valley: Ronnie Campbell (Labour) Will vote against.
Those MPs who plan to vote against Theresa May's plan and who represent constituencies that voted to leave are ignoring the democratic process.
For a second consecutive year, the United Kingdom broke with the European Union to vote against it, joining the United States, Israel, Canada, Australia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, and a few others.
Will vote against. She said: "I will not vote for a Brexit deal which does not meet Labour's six tests -- the tests are simply what the Tory government promised Brexit would deliver and what our economy requires."
Gedi was adversely mentioned by Kimilili MP Didymus Barasa as having approached him with Sh10,000 in a blue envelope so as to vote against the report of the joint committee of Agriculture and Trade.
IT would be a puzzling thing indeed if Labour MPs for North East seats were to vote against Heathrow expansion.
During his speech, Trump called on Congress to pass legislation that would undergird his threat against countries, which vote against his policies at the UN, following a scathing referendum there last month on his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
The decision comes three weeks after the United States decided to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move its embassy, and four days after Guatemala was one of only nine countries in the UN to vote against a resolution slamming the US move.