vote against

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vote against someone or something

to cast a ballot against someone or something. Are you going to vote against the provision? I plan to vote against David.
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Gloria Arroyo, a deputy speaker, led the lawmakers ready to sacrifice their posts to vote against the death penalty, which was abolished in 2006 during her term as president.
He said his party would now vote against triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which kicks off the EU divorce process, if its demand was ignored.
Mr Mallon gave the chamber short shrift in his closing speech calling Cllr Junier's argument "incoherent" and said the Conservatives "would vote against anything".
India was the sole country to vote against a draft resolution on Conventional arms control at the regional and sub regional levels.
But investors have become more willing to vote against management in recent years, in response to weak corporate performance and perceptions that that pay is excessive.
Earlier in the day, Bulgaria's Parliament rejected the second no-confidence vote against the socialist-led coalition government, with 118 votes against, 93 votes for, and 20 abstained.
The second vote against Sri Lanka on the Tamil issue at the UN human rights council in March this year upset the country.
A COUNCILLOR was given permission to vote against his party line at a crucial planning meeting.
PNN As UNESCO prepares to fly the Palestinian flag for the first time on Thursday, Nabil Shaath, a member of Fatah Central Committee, said the Swedish vote against Palestinian membership in the organization came as "a shock.
Labour MPs Jim Cunningham and Geoffrey Robinson have warned they will vote against the government's Health and Social Care Bill unless major changes are made.
Similarly as in the past and now they even have more reasons to vote against.
The Chief Whip made the call amid speculation that Fine Gael will vote against the deal on Wednesday.
Most often, we don't vote for the person we want representing us, but rather, we vote against the person we don't want in office.
Not only did he vote against the Medicare expansion, but President Bush reportedly hung up the phone on him after Feeney declared he had come to Washington to oppose entitlements, not to expand them.
It is a vote against a Government that puts party before people.