vote against

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vote against someone or something

to cast a ballot against someone or something. Are you going to vote against the provision? I plan to vote against David.
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PNN As UNESCO prepares to fly the Palestinian flag for the first time on Thursday, Nabil Shaath, a member of Fatah Central Committee, said the Swedish vote against Palestinian membership in the organization came as "a shock.
The Chief Whip made the call amid speculation that Fine Gael will vote against the deal on Wednesday.
Most often, we don't vote for the person we want representing us, but rather, we vote against the person we don't want in office.
Not only did he vote against the Medicare expansion, but President Bush reportedly hung up the phone on him after Feeney declared he had come to Washington to oppose entitlements, not to expand them.
For the next half-hour, Republicans, mostly from textile states, jockeyed over who would be allowed to vote against the bill and save face back home.
It's a vote against working together with front-line workers to resolve patient care problems like staffing and establishing policies and wages and benefits that would attract and retain workers at the hospital.
It wasn't until a half-dozen Republicans threatened to vote against CAFFA that he agreed to bring up their legislation.
Recipients come to believe that these "faith-based services" are religiously preferable to the public services that poor Americans have depended upon for decades, and vote against the Democrats who support those services.
05), it is very commendable for all the Labour councillors to vote against the increase in allowances if they are all genuinely against the rises, but politicians have a habit of saying one thing and doing another.
Shareholder disenchantment at Disney had gone on for years, he notes, and in general, shareholders don't vote against the board or its chairman unless they have been frustrated for a long time.
5 letter to lawmakers, the group urged a vote against the change.
In order to make it even easier for Liberals to vote against their government, an amendment called for dropping the second part of the motion, starting with "and that Parliament.
Thousands of union members fighting Tony Blair's plans for elite foundation hospitals, free from Whitehall control, are calling on North MPs to rebel and vote against him in tomorrow's Commons debate.
President Jacques Chirac (right with Tony Blair) last night said that France was prepared to veto the US-backed resolution on Iraq if necessary, joining Russia in saying it would vote against giving Saddam Hussein until March 17 to disarm.
In a commentary written for his on-line service, conservative writer David Virtue has accused the bishop of New Westminster of wrongly suggesting African bishops were "bought off" to vote against homosexuality at Lambeth.