vote (up)on (something)

vote (up)on (something)

To decide a particular course of action or the outcome of some order through an organized vote. I can tell there is a lot of disagreement about this proposal, so why don't we all just vote on it? The state congress is voting upon a number of issues ahead of its summer recess next week.
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vote (up)on someone or something

to make a decision about someone or something by ballot. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The committee decided to vote on it. Are we going to vote on this?
See also: on, vote

vote someone on(to something)

to elect someone to something, such as a board. Let's vote Christine onto the board. We voted Dave on last term.
See also: on, vote
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vote on

To hold a vote or referendum in order to decide the disposition of something: The committee will vote on the proposal next week.
See also: on, vote
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