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With over 50 years of industry experience on the part of its founder, John Rush, and successor and son Courtney Rush, Hobson continues to focus on the critical factors and strict requirements of precision hardware manufacturing, while keeping an open eye on technology innovations such as the internet-based platform Votable provides.
The 1962 constitution, in fact, divided the budget into votable and non-votable portions.
Although the votable motions could potentially be used in ways that would have the effect of terminating consideration, such a result was not likely from either of these procedures that newly came into use on Supreme Court nominations during this period.
At the state level, fair price statutes effectively prohibit coercive offers by setting procedural criteria to determine a fair price in takeover contests, (55) and control share acquisition statutes indirectly prohibit coercive offers by requiring an (undistorted) shareholder vote in order to make the acquirer's shares votable beyond a certain threshold (typically twenty percent).
This mechanism (which involves introduction of a motion that is debatable and votable) was used for Bill C-56 so that it could be brought back to the Standing Committee on Health where the process left off prior to prorogation.
``I there's not going to be a UN mandate then I think there should be a votable motion in Parliament.
Six of these items are chosen by a committee to be votable and must come to a vote in the House.
Attentional behavior and attention-associated brainwaves during a votable concept mapping activity
Upon completion of all of these transactions BSkyB will have 1,686,718,316 votable shares in issue.
Next came the Ignatieff Liberal Party debacle, with second-in-command Toronto MP Bob Rae engineering a votable pro-abortion motion for foreign policy in the House of Commons.
Upon completion of all of these transactions BSkyB will have 1,691,557,109 votable shares in issue.