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as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly

Foolish people are apt to repeat their missteps. A: "I can't believe Sarah is going skiing again, after she broke her leg the last time." B: "Well, as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."
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vomit forth

1. To eject, erupt, or discharge in a great, spewing rush. Water vomited forth from the spot where the iceberg had struck the hull of the ship. The crowd grew angrier and angrier as the speaker's hateful rhetoric continued vomiting forth.
2. To eject, erupt, or discharge something out in a great, spewing rush. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "vomit" and "forth." As the ground rumbled ominously, it vomited forth a huge jet of pitch-black crude oil into the air. When I get nervous, I can't help but vomit forth any thought going through my head. I had to pull on the blockage with my hands before the pipe finally vomited it forth.
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vomit up

To eject something from one's stomach by vomiting. A noun or pronoun can be used between "vomit" and "up." Thankfully the dog vomited up most of the chocolate, so it didn't make him too ill. I nearly vomited my dinner up riding on that roller coaster!
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vomit something out

Fig. [for something] to spill forth a great deal of something. The volcano vomited the lava out for days. It vomited out hot lava for months.
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vomit something up

to bring up something from the stomach by vomiting. The dog vomited the chocolate cake up. Fido vomited up the rabbit.
See also: up, vomit

vomit forth

1. To be discharged forcefully and abundantly; spew or gush: The dam burst, and the floodwaters vomited forth.
2. To eject or discharge something in a gush; spew something out: The volcano vomited forth lava and ash. The belly of the ship opened and vomited the cargo forth.
See also: forth, vomit

vomit up

To eject some contents of the stomach through the mouth: I vomited up my dinner. The bird vomited the worm up for its young.
See also: up, vomit
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Hart found that 68 percent of the dogs eat grass or other plants on a regular basis, but only 8 percent regularly appeared ill before doing so, and 22 percent regularly vomited afterward.
Lizzy Caplan later learned that the actor vomited because he was reportedly suffering from food poisoning.
Additionally, persons who binge-drink and vomit to lose weight share characteristics of a risk taking personality.
Your veterinarian has relatively reliable options available to make your cat vomit if the situation requires.
This is particularly true when the diarrhea and /or vomiting is bloody, as indicated by pink- or red-tinged vomit with fresh blood or diarrhea or vomiting coffee grounds or dark tarry stools with digested blood.
THE ART OF INDUCTION Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is the therapy to use should you need to induce your dog to vomit. The solution works as a direct irritant to the dog's gastric lining; in a perfect world, the dog vomits fairly quickly after administration.
In August this year, Lady Gaga vomited during a show in Romania.
Lindy, from Cwmcarn, South Wales, is now suing Newport Council for failing to clean up the vomit on the floor of the Loft Bar at Newport Leisure Centre, where she and a pal saw the band last December.
The 36-year-old actress admits that the excess vomit made the set rather unpleasant to work on, but she enjoyed every moment of it.
The best way to control infection is effective hand-washing, while areas that have been contaminated by vomit should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant.
What's so lucky about fossilized vomit? Turns out, it belongs to a 160-million-year-old dolphin-like marine reptile (backboned animal that lays eggs) called an ichthyosaur.
An episode of PONV was defined as nausea (subjective feeling of the need to vomit), vomiting (expulsion of stomach contents) or retching (an involuntary attempt to vomit, but not productive of stomach contents).