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army volunteer

To select, nominate, or assign someone to carry out a task or duty that they are unwilling or unprepared to undertake. My boss always army volunteers me to pick up lunch for the office.
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volunteer as something

to submit oneself as a person ready or willing to do something. Would you be willing to volunteer as a marcher? I will volunteer as a helper in the hospital.
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volunteer for something

1. to submit oneself for some task without being asked. Ivolunteered for the job. I didn't volunteer for this.
2. to work as an unpaid volunteer for a charity, etc. On Sundays she volunteers as a receptionist at the hospital.
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Most likely the most visible and often cited emotional benefit of volunteering is the enhanced compassion and empathy we gain from the volunteer activity.
To determine the relationships between volunteer identity (VBQ) and frequency of volunteering, bi-variate correlations were calculated.
Good deeds in old age: Volunteering by the new leisure class.
Helping people extends beyond volunteering to assist veterans.
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