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A complete change of opinion or belief. The phrase comes from the Italian term voltafaccia, meaning "about-turn." Everyone was surprised when the candidate made a complete volte-face on her stance on taxes.
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a volte-ˈface

(from French, formal) a complete change of opinion or plan: This represents a volte-face in government policy.This is a French adaptation of an Italian phrase and refers to turning to face the opposite direction.
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According to music aficionado Wilson Lim, the Questor-released Super Robots that featured Voltes V, Grendaizer, Daimos, Mekanda Robot, and Mazinger Z recording-if, and when available- will sell for as much as P10,000!
That is, until a few years ago, I was able to chance upon a Japanese record that featured Voltes V and Astroboy.
Other awardees: Global's Matthew Hartmann, best midfielder; Masaki Yanagawa of JP Voltes, best defender; Nelson Gasic of JP Voltes, best goalkeeper; Adrian Gallardo of Ceres, Golden Boot (30 goals).
Voltes stunned Global, 2-0, last Wednesday to pile up the pressure on Ceres and Loyola.
Voltes defender Masaki Yanagawa tormented his former team with a first-half header, before Takashi Odawara sealed the victory with a sublime strike in second half stoppage time as Voltes climbed to second with two games remaining in its own schedule.
Voltes playing-coach Yu Hoshide, who delivered the corner kick for Yanagawa to score the opener in the 37th minute, said an underdog mentality served their team in good stead.
But Burridge, a former goalkeeper in the English leagues hired by Global CEO Dan Palami last month, said victory against JP Voltes on tomorrow could probably seal it for the club.
Later, JP Voltes came alive in the second half to repulse Green Archers United, 3-0, and pull level with Ceres at 28 points.
Six days after stunning Kaya, 3-1, JP Voltes brought down another powerhouse in the Loyola Meralco Sparks, 2-1, on goals from Takumi Uesato and John Celiz.
Japanese midfielder Takashi Odawara and compatriot Takumi Uesato and Alen Angeles were on target for Voltes, which leapfrogged past Kaya at fourth spot with 16 points from eight matches.
With its attack clicking from start to finish, JP Voltes overwhelmed Manila Nomads, 5-0, to take top spot on goal difference ahead of Global, which coasted to an 8-0 rout of Laos.
JP Voltes also shoots for a second win against Manila Nomads at 2 p.m.
JP Voltes nailed the final spot in the last eight, rallying from a goal down to bundle out the second division side and forge a duel with Kaya.
"Voltes V" ushered in the "Super Robot" era, which spawned a legion of devout followers who were glued to their TV sets every Friday to catch the unfolding saga of the Armstrong family against the Boazanian empire ruled by a despotic emperor bent on conquering the earth.
MANILA -- As an 11yearold in 1979, Toym Leon Imao felt the heavy hand of the Marcos dictatorship when his favorite TV cartoon series "Voltes V" was unceremoniously taken off the air.