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fill a/the void

To replace someone or something that is absent or missing. No, we got that project done—Rebecca filled the void while you were on vacation. If Mike doesn't play sports this year, what will fill the void besides his trouble-making friends?
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null and void

No longer valid, legitimate, or enforceable. This contract shall be rendered null and void immediately should either party fail to fulfil their obligations.
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null and void

Cliché without legal force; having no legal effect. The court declared the law to be null and void. The millionaire's will was null and void because it was unsigned.
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null and void

Canceled, invalid, as in The lease is now null and void. This phrase is actually redundant, since null means "void," that is, "ineffective." It was first recorded in 1669.
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ˌnull and ˈvoid

(formal) (of a legal agreement) no longer effective or valid: The contract was declared null and void.
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With three different ways to connect, VOID PRO is ready to suit any setup.
Samples from plaques cured at different compression pressures were analyzed in this section to determine the void content.
NanOss Bioactive Loaded bone void filler is a closed system with a pre-filled mixing syringe for consistency, sterility, compression and easy delivery of NanOss Bioactive bone void filler.
Excess solder voids can impact performance and reliability of the package.
Last year saw the lowest void period figures for the past two years, with the average time a property remained empty being 2.
The Linear-Traverse method is an example of a linear indicator of the air void content in concrete samples
The best way to deal with void periods is to avoid them altogether.
Ultimately, Dark Void is a real disappointment because it relies far too heavily on tired convention.
8 mm, when the additional void is placed) were chosen alongside a few reference points (A, B, C and D) where stress intensity factor (SIF) was supposed to be indicative.
However, they recorded lower average nighttime void volumes in both the cohort with OAB (211 mL) and with insomnia (294 mL), compared with controls (460 mL).
BGA void percentage is calculated on an x-ray inspection system by totaling the lighter pixels (void pixels) within each solder ball and presenting them as a percentage of the total number of pixels within the entire solder ball area.
While waiting will impose itself on the upcoming days and weeks in Lebanon, the void cannot wait as it has to be filled by someone or something.
If a void is caused by a particle, the diameter of the void is closely related to the diameter of the particle.