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Yes, one is afraid," continued the first speaker, he of the familiar voice.
The manly voice again interrupted the artillery officer.
For two reasons, my dear," the woman's voice answered.
But the voices of madmen, even in their wildest paroxysms, are never found to tally with that peculiar voice heard upon the stairs.
Besides, there were two voices heard in contention, and one of them was unquestionably the voice of a Frenchman.
Alice couldn't see who was sitting beyond the Beetle, but a hoarse voice spoke next.
And an extremely small voice, close to her ear, said, 'You might make a joke on that--something about "horse" and "hoarse," you know.
With the last sound of his voice, a deep, a long, and almost breathless silence succeeded.
At length, it would seem, his patient industry found its reward; for, without explanation or apology, he pronounced aloud the words "Isle of Wight," drew a long, sweet sound from his pitch-pipe, and then ran through the preliminary modulations of the air whose name he had just mentioned, with the sweeter tones of his own musical voice.
The voice was singing the Wedding-night Song from Romeo and Juliet.
I heard the voice of the Tempter speaking to me: Launch it, and leave him to die
It would abash the most cynical, it would terrify the most selfish; and the voice of mockery would be silenced, and fraud and falsehood would slink back into their dens, and the truth would stand forth alone
Her voice trembled again as she spoke the last two words, and it was possibly this that caused Mr Pickering to visualize Percy as a sort of little Lord Fauntleroy, his favourite character in English literature.
Boots and shoes under the sea,' the Gryphon went on in a deep voice, `are done with a whiting.
asked that voice, at the same time weak, broken, and civil.