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While installing voice recognition software is easy enough, users must train the software--and themselves.
Echo: Echo is exactly that and is produced by the crossing of (electrical) voice paths, which happens when a signal moves from one type of network to another.
If she's too saccharine, you don't believe she's doing bad things, and that's a lot to get into a voice.
However, convention forces are still at work eroding the independence and voice of the mission organization that has been the backbone of SBC missions for over a century.
With a voice markup language like VoiceXML, content providers will be able to develop voice applications using standard Web-development tools, publish applications on an existing Web server, and have a service provider handle VoiceXML interpretation.
While this new distribution model bodes well for the rapid ramp up of Voice over Broadband services, the customer premise remains a significant challenge.
Overview: Australias Next Generation Enterprise Voice Services Market
Create your own custom voice macros to launch websites and applications
Memotec is the leading supplier of voice optimization solutions for GSM cellular operators.
The value of voice will continue to diminish, with developed market operators commonly providing FMC bundles with in-building VoWLAN for free.
high fidelity voice with simultaneous transmission of video, images and other forms of personalized data.
One Voice's speech technology is highly accurate and accessible to everyone since it requires no voice training.
The Indian market for mobile voice services has exploded to more than 100 million today from 5 million in 2001 and will continue to grow at a phenomenal pace, as consumers want easier, faster and natural access to e-mails and other information while on the move.
The allure of streamlined voice-intensive business processes in the enterprise shifts the case for IP voice from 'It costs less' to 'It's better'," said Abner Germanow, research director at IDC.