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(as) clear as vodka

1. Very clear or transparent. Is the sample in the lab supposed to be as clear as vodka?
2. Easy to understand. Often used sarcastically to mean the opposite. I guess I need to call a lawyer because these legal contracts aren't exactly clear as vodka.
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(as) clear as vodka

1. mod. very clear. The river wasn’t exactly as clear as vodka because it had just rained.
2. mod. very understandable. (Often used sarcastically.) Everything he said is as clear as vodka.
See also: clear, vodka

clear as vodka

See also: clear, vodka
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Elliott carries another 10 commercially flavored vodkas, as well as a dozen straight expressions and the usual array of other spirits.
"Country of origin plays less of a role than it once did with consumers," says Jason Schladenhauffen, president and CEO of 375 Park Avenue Spirits, whose portfolio includes the Netherlands-based Van Gogh Vodka "But we still feel it's important to stress our provenance, given the incredible reputation vodkas from Holland have built over the years."
"Our slogan is 'Made in America, Raised in the South.' The American story is critical, but our Southern origin is what gives us purpose and a reason to exist in the marketplace," says Matti Christian Anttila, founder and CEO of Grain & Barrel Spirits in Charleston, S.C., and owner of Dixie Vodka. "Our goal is to highlight the amazing craft renaissance taking place in the South today.
These more natural vodkas are also poised to benefit from emerging diet trends.
VP Brands International Global Trade Marketing Manager Stoyan Praskov who was in Kenya to announce the partnership as well as relaunch the re-branded Flirt Vodka said they would establish Kenya as the core market through which they will seek to penetrate other key markets across Africa particularly South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania.
Much as Frank had sensed an opportunity with liqueur, he sensed a second one with vodka. Reasoning that Americans had seen enough of vodkas made in Eastern Europe, Frank decided he would make his Grey Goose in France--a country Americans associated with haute cuisine and luxury goods.
Indeed, award-winning online drinks retailer has seen a huge uplift in the popularity of craft vodkas with people looking to the 'smaller guys' with an appreciation of the process involved.
Ahead of National Vodka Day (October 4), here are four vodkas to try...
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 21, 2015-Heaven Hill Brands to Acquire Deep Eddy Vodka
ABSOLUT CHERRYS WITH COLA One part Absolut Cherrys Vodka, three parts cola Half-fill a high ball glass with ice.
I spent a delightful afternoon with Charles Gibb, President of Belvedere, which is universally acclaimed as the world's first premium vodka, and much of our conversation was dominated, unsurprisingly, by Polish vodka.Wine may have beaten vodka as Poland's preferred nectar, but the East European nation is the repository of the first written record of the drink and it dates back to 1405.
The cocktail, for reasons too convoluted to explain but that have something to do with this article, is named the Chuckles, and it consists of Tito's vodka; the juice of half a lemon; and, sometimes, some ice.
ILIKE my vodka in a tall glass with ice, rimmed with lemon juice and topped up with slimline tonic.
I also got to realise that perhaps Smirnoff isn't so bad as vodkas go - the Polish vodka Wyborowa is absolutely disgusting, with an after taste something akin to a rotten egg and sour milk cocktail.
2003 KAUFFMAN LUXURY VINTAGE The creme de la creme of vodkas. Distilled from one single harvest of the best wheat in Russia, this is some of the purest, best-tasting vodka you'll ever imbibe.