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(as) clear as vodka

1. Very clear or transparent. Is the sample in the lab supposed to be as clear as vodka?
2. Easy to understand. Often used sarcastically to mean the opposite. I guess I need to call a lawyer because these legal contracts aren't exactly clear as vodka.
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(as) clear as vodka

1. mod. very clear. The river wasn’t exactly as clear as vodka because it had just rained.
2. mod. very understandable. (Often used sarcastically.) Everything he said is as clear as vodka.
See also: clear, vodka

clear as vodka

See also: clear, vodka
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We have had much success with our vodka program: We use fresh ingredients, and we listen to what our customers want.
To be producing another product as premium as Liverpool Vodka at our distillery in Huyton is yet another testament to Liverpool's worldclass status.
Incredibly smooth and creamy, Black Cow Vodka (PS28, 70cl, Sainsbury's) is made from the whey (the curd is turned into cheese) and it really is a dairy delight with vanilla bean on the nose, a sweet vanilla palate with a flick of grassiness, and twist of pepper on the finish.
Stars and stripes and red, white and blue figure into label, bottle and packaging of many American vodka brands.
These brands are providing retailers and consumers alike the opportunity to hunt for the next hot new vodka.
A Glen's spokeswoman said: "We recently received a small batch of a neutral spirit from an external supplier which, when used in the production process, resulted in a batch of Glen's Vodka having a slightly different aroma from normal.
Imbibing vodka had become such an integral part of Russian life, Ms.
Tests carried out on the vodka, which is believed to have been produced in France and Italy, found it contained methanol, which if drunk in even small amounts can cause serious health effects - including comas, convulsions, blindness and even death.
More recently, artisan methods have extended the vodka trail to the UK, and Chase, the first English potato vodka (recently voted 'the best vodka in the world' by the San Francisco world spirits competition) has introduced a wonderful infusion to its range.
Researchers are reporting the first identification of a chemical basis for people's preference for certain brands of vodka, which outsells rum, gin, whiskey, and tequila.
Distilled in England, Three Olives is the fastest growing premium imported vodka brand in the U.
It has launched the world's first vodka burger as part of its Vodka Nations 2008 celebrations.