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(as) clear as vodka

1. Very clear or transparent. Is the sample in the lab supposed to be as clear as vodka? I'm not drinking that brown abomination—water is supposed to be clear as vodka! The liquid in the vial is supposed to be as clear as vodka. So why is it cloudy all of a sudden?
2. Easy to understand. Often used sarcastically to mean the opposite. I guess I need to call a lawyer because these legal contracts aren't exactly clear as vodka. All the terms and conditions are right there in the fine print for anyone to read—as clear as vodka! Hey, no trespassing! The sign is right there on the door—it's as clear as vodka.
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(as) clear as vodka

1. mod. very clear. The river wasn’t exactly as clear as vodka because it had just rained.
2. mod. very understandable. (Often used sarcastically.) Everything he said is as clear as vodka.
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clear as vodka

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This study also covers company profiling, specifications and product picture, sales, market share and contact information of various regional, international and local vendors of USA and Brazil Craft Vodka Market.
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"Consumers are simply drinking better," says Jim Ruane, brand director for Ketel One Vodka at Diageo North America "There's been a tectonic shift in how they're approaching their food and drink choices-in a more thoughtful and considered manner, with a greater focus on how they treat their bodies, ingredients and the value systems of the brands they support."
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Instead of going head-to-head with Absolut, Grey Goose simply flew over it, charging $30 a bottle for "super-premium" vodka. Today, the market is flush with luxury vodkas like Chase and Zyr, Reyka and Ketel One.
Fruity vodka! Simply Summer Berries - give your glass of lemonade or cola a fruity twist by adding 25ml of Echo Falls Summer Berries flavoured vodka."
Let's Get the FIFA Party Started uses Spring Vodka as base to create cocktails including Spring Vodka Tonic, Moscow Mule, Vodka Lime, White Russian Spring Screw, Vodkatini and Spring Breeze; each guest only needs to pay NT$599/ person to enjoy all-you-can-drink which includes the above alcohol selections.
Game Vodka is an organic based corn vodka, eight times filtered, five times distilled, using reverse osmosis water.
The milk beer is distilled and put through a secret blending process, and the vodka is then triple filtered and finished before being bottled.
Lunya and 30 James Street are stocking the vodka, and samples were given out at the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival.
The foundation for many classic cocktails, vodka can be made from grain, molasses, potatoes and even grapes, and with the rise in higher quality mixers for your V&T and the trend for consuming vodka on the rocks, there's a shift from quantity to quality.
|A mooo-ve in the right direction Made from milk using a secret blending process, it took a West Dorset dairy farmer to invent the world's first pure milk vodka. Incredibly smooth and creamy, Black Cow Vodka (PS28, 70cl, Sainsbury's) is made from the whey (the curd is turned into cheese) and it really is a dairy delight with vanilla bean on the nose, a sweet vanilla palate with a flick of grassiness, and twist of pepper on the finish.
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