visualize as

visualize (someone or something) as (something)

To create an image in one's mind of someone or something being a particular thing or looking a certain way. I can't help but laugh visualizing my brother the hippie as some straight-laced police officer. Growing up, whenever my mom talked about my cousin being in the Navy Seals, I always visualized him as a literal seal wearing a military uniform.
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visualize someone or something as someone or something

to imagine or envision someone as someone or something or something as something. I can almost visualize you as the president. I visualize this room as a meeting place for everyone.
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References in classic literature ?
So now, you see, we begin to visualize a large book printed in double columns which are each of a considerable length, since one of the words is numbered in the document as the two hundred and ninety-third.
What they prayed about, they visualize as a family.
"It allows the client to visualize as many materials, technologies and applications as possible, without having to expend time touring different sites.
Here we visualize as described above, supposing the curve to be upside down, with <b, f(b)> to the left of <a, f(a)>.
If the curve of f is smooth and monotonic in a neighbourhood of p, we can visualize a straight rigid rod rolling over the curve in that region, so that at each moment the rod touches exactly one point of the curve.
Now visualize a segment of the curve as it undergoes any one of these changes.
Though the curve of this function changes direction sharply, if we visualize a straight rigid rod rolling over the curve we can visualize it assuming a whole range of gradients (including the horizontal) when its point of contact is the sharp peak of the curve.