visit with

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visit with (one)

To spend free time with one chatting, conversing, or catching up. I know your grandmother would appreciate it if you went over and visited with her for a few hours. The movie star visited with the young fan in his hospital room ahead of the major surgery to treat his spina bifida.
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visit with someone

to pay a social call on someone. I would like to come by and visit with you for a while. I will enjoy visiting with you.
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visit with

To converse or chat with someone: Come over and visit with me for a while.
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Students then scheduled a visit with their host families and met with them in either dyads or individually.
A projected two-day trip to Iraq to see the city of Ur of the Chaldees, the birthplace of Abraham, and to have a pastoral visit with Christians of the Chaldean Church (approximately 800,000 in number) has caused the greatest political concern.
The ACA National Standards Board is seeking ways to incorporate the site approval visit with the camp accreditation visit for those who want both.
I want to extend my sincere thanks and the Devil Rays' grateful appreciation to DAV for giving us the opportunity to visit with these service members," said Tavarez.