naked eye

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the naked eye

Normal vision that has not been enhanced or augmented in any way. Because bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, it was only relatively recently in human history that we even became aware of their existence. The fine print is so tiny, you can barely make it out with the naked eye.
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*naked eye

the human eye, unassisted by optics, such as a telescope, microscope, or spectacles. (*Typically: appear to ~; look to ~; see with ~; visible to~.) I can't see the bird's markings with the naked eye. The scientist could see nothing in the liquid with the naked eye, but with the aid of a microscope, she identified the bacteria. That's how it appears to the naked eye.
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naked eye

Sight unassisted by an instrument such as a microscope or telescope. For example, These insects are too small to be seen with the naked eye. This expression was first recorded in 1664.
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In which Mr Jones receives many friendly visits during his confinement; with some fine touches of the passion of love, scarce visible to the naked eye.
And now his mustache begins to be almost visible to the naked eye, whereupon he immediately takes to brandy-and-sodas and fancies himself a man.
Near Keeling Atoll, in the Indian Ocean, I observed many little masses of confervae a few inches square, consisting of long cylindrical threads of excessive thinness, so as to be barely visible to the naked eye, mingled with other rather larger bodies, finely conical at both ends.
According to Nazar Hezam Salam, member of Arab astronomer and space science, Saturn will be visible to the naked eye until September, as it is closest to Earth.
Stargazers will be able to see the partial lunar eclipse, which will be visible to the naked eye, between 11pm on Tuesday and 2am on Wednesday.
With a vast swath of images and characters brought to life by a diverse set of artists, Cato's exhibit shows that freedom--our ability to act and transact as we please--is ubiquitous in American life, filling in cracks and crevices not always immediately visible to the naked eye.
The Islamic Calendar is Lunar based and astronomy has developed to such an extent that exact time at which new Moon occurs at the given latitude and longitude and time elapsed when it will be visible to the naked eye can be found.
The new set of supplementary features comprised a series of lenses and contrasts that in many cases are visible to the naked eye at one angle, but also provide hidden effects that are detectable only with special filters or under magnification
Weather permitting, the phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye across the island, she said.
He limits himself to mushrooms that can be identified using features visible to the naked eye. The sections themselves are by visible feature, among them medium to large white-spored mushrooms with a waxy texture, chanterelles and allies, and mushrooms with cup-shaped or flat fruiting bodies.
Summary: It will be visible to the naked eye from this weekend until December 18.
KUWAIT, Aug 23 (KUNA) -- Canopus, or Uo'SuhailUo' star as known in Arabic, will be visible to the naked eye in Kuwait on September 5.
"Mars will easily be visible to the naked eye. In fact, you will be hard pressed to miss it.
The lice are visible to the naked eye and are approximately 1 mm in length.
Some say that even if the crescent is not visible to the naked eye, it might still exist.