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German virgin

In poker, a starting hand of two nines. So called due to "nine, nine" sounding like the German nein, nein, meaning "no, no." Having been dealt a German virgin right off the bat, I was hoping for a third nine to be laid on the table.
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virgin territory

Completely unexplored or untested field(s) or area(s) of activity. The entrepreneur made his millions when he set up one of the world's most popular search engines back when the Internet was still considered virgin territory.
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virgin ears

Said of a person who is or seems particularly young or innocent (and thus has not been exposed to much profanity or other inappropriate talk). I can't curse in front of him—he's 10 years old and still has virgin ears! Please go upstairs—the story I'm about to tell Is not meant for virgin ears.
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Offers being made available on Virgin Red include Buy One Get One Free on hot drinks at Caffe Nero and 20% off Virgin Trains and Virgin Trains West Coast for new customers only.
To celebrate, each Virgin airline is offering members who fly with at least two of the four Virgin branded airlines between now and January 31 2011 the chance to win a weeks holiday in the British Virgin Islands on Sir Richard Branson's private island, Necker.
The Pilgrim Virgin is saved from the fires of hell through the actions of a neighborhood thug and the narrator's dad.
The result: Many of the remaining big trees of the Virgin Islands are indeed remarkable, in addition to being sites of significant historical interest, they are a collection of ancestral shrines, portals to ancient homes, repositories of healing and curses, and jumble tree where spirits were said to live ill the roots, and the souls of the dead were stored--and were not to lie trifled with.
The juxtaposition of these excerpts from the Passion sermons of two well-educated and popular Catholic preachers suggests that by the later sixteenth century, some preachers were beginning to modify their conception of the close ties that bound Mary to Jesus and therefore to alter as well their portrayal of the manner in which the Virgin shared in the sacrifice of the cross.
Melt temperatures were set to standard conditions for virgin materials at 230 [degrees] C for Vistaflex 911 B and 200 [degrees] C for Santoprene 103-40, and blends set at intermediate temperatures.
To find out if bonding would occur between crosslinked PE and virgin material during molding, OxyChem made test parts with reclaim levels of 25%.
Virgin Blue announces profit increase, revamped fiscal calendar.
This Virgin is also found on the back of many a Mexican prisoner who wants to avoid getting stabbed in a brawl with fellow inmates and on the dusty backs of illegal immigrants who cross the U.
The Gravifluff system is composed of a fluff surge hopper, gravimetric fluff metering hopper, RMT refeed machine, and virgin weight hopper.