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Paul gives much discussion to associative remote viewing (ARV) and explains how it is not a remote viewing method.
The elevators bring visitors into the interior "Grand Viewing Room" located on the 67th floor.
With a working society that is ever increasingly dependent on e-mail and the transmission of huge volumes of data and text to execute their daily duties, the need to enable viewing of such data on mobile terminals at locations outside of the office is on the rise.
(IMP), introduces a portable X-Ray View Box that offers ENT surgeons the convenience of multiple viewings of x-rays without leaving the surgical site.
The purchase of a well-made binocular will ensure comfortable, clear viewing and quick target acquisition.
Document editing using markup languages is not easy to learn, and these document-formatting languages are primarily oriented toward presenting (viewing) documents on a computer screen, rather than printing complex, sophisticated documents.
They tend to revere Jesus and see him as a teacher of love, while feeling skeptical about Paul and viewing his teachings as intolerant, divisive, and unforgiving.)
Note how 13 different probes are used to fill the viewing area with known dimensions.
In fact, the cues that we normally find when viewing an individual in a particular setting have been removed.
As he wrote about this experience in The Confessions of Saint Augustine (Image Books, 1960), "I, little one, but with no little feeling, I prayed to you that I would not be beaten at school [but] you did not hear me." Instead of viewing his parents as the legitimate agents of God's discipline, the child saw God as a potential savior and called on him in his distress.
The view is assessed from what vantage points--the main viewing room only or from other windows?
Furthermore, (iv.) historical films will continue to exercise an enormous influence over most students; thus it only make sense to equip students with critical viewing capabilities.
The M1400's XGA TFT display provides an almost unlimited viewing angle (more than 160 degrees).
The displays achieve excellent visibility in any lighting situation, while offering a wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, and superior color reproduction.
DeFanti recalls looking at himself in the tailor's three-mirror booth and wondering whether he could combine computers and a projection system into a high-tech imaging system that would recreate a three-dimensional likeness that would look right from any viewing angle.