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Any goal-directed human organization in which work is done can be viewed in these terms.
A new national study revealed that American voters' support for stem cell research increased after they viewed an ad featuring Michael J.
Simulink Report Generator now includes a Web View Exporting feature which creates interactive renditions of Simulink and Stateflow(R) models that can be viewed in a Web browser.
Virtual microscopy -- the practice of converting entire glass microscope slides to high resolution digital slides that can be viewed, managed and analyzed -- is the key technology that enables digital pathology.
Each respondent viewed one minute and 17 seconds of the speech, and was asked a battery of pre- and post-viewing questions.
As respondents viewed the ad on their computer, they used their mouse to indicate levels of believability by moving it from left to right on a continuum.
The respondents who viewed the AARP Plumber commercial indicated that it was very believable, noted that the commercial made them feel not bored and attentive (42%), benefited and enlightened (20%) and active, entertained and excited (21%).
Valley View has covenanted to provide only annual disclosure to bondholders, which is viewed negatively by Fitch, although Valley View provides quarterly disclosure upon request.