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To view the update on Mobile Viewable Impression Measurement, please visit: http://www.
For more information on Vartech's complete line of CrystalVue series sunlight viewable monitors, please visit the CrystalVue series sunlight readable monitors at www.
13): Emphasizes the need for consistency in when the viewable impression count should occur when other Ad Verification functions (such as consideration of site contextual issues, geographic targeting, or other criteria) are also applied.
Smaller campaigns of less than 100,000 viewable impressions tended to show greater variability in comparative results.
Genesis Media is in a unique position to serve video ads that are not only highly viewable, but harness attention by connecting relevant ads with engaged consumers.
NEW YORK, May 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mediaocean, the leading software platform provider for the advertising world, and Moat, a leading MRC Accredited Analytics company, today announced that Moat MRC Accredited Viewable tracked impressions, along with other Moat Attention Metrics such as Moat's "human" signal, will be able to be transacted as a cost method in Mediaocean's Prisma platform.
The new product leverages Moat's core analytics expertise to deliver an innovative solution for brand advertisers and publishers to better understand and address the impact of non-human traffic C and most importantly, isolate viewable impressions that are more definitively delivered to humans C in other words "human and viewable" impressions.
Thin-frame design allows more viewable image and less of the monitor bezel, while freeing up more horizontal and vertical desktop space for multiple-monitor applications
Now publishers can benefit from the transition to the Viewable Impression metric and materially increase their viewable inventory without any changes to their existing website," Says Nikolai Mentchoukov, LIQWID CEO.
Where conventional LCD displays fail to deliver clear, visible pictures under bright conditions, the AZ-2 LCD is equipped with innovative Semi-Transmissive LCD technology, making the monitor viewable even in bright sunlight at the beach or on the slopes.
Today's announcement by Sharethrough to sell inventory on 100% viewable impressions is another example of their continued leadership around transparency and trust.
As an AutoCAD plug-in, Net-It CAD converts AutoCAD 2D design files to content sealed format (CSF) files, viewable by IGC products.
While the industry has recognized the need to shift away from served impressions to a metric that provides more meaning in the digital landscape, we are now faced with the challenge of raising awareness and encouraging adoption of the new viewable impression guidelines," said Duke Fanelli, representative of 3MS and EVP & CMO of the Association of National Advertisers.
The presentations created using this software are viewable over the intranet or internet and can be exported to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, increasing applications for distribution potential.
Issues Viewable Impression Measurement Guidelines Draft and Advises Gating Period Remain in Place for Viewable Video Ads through June 30, 2014