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c'est la vie

Oh well. This French phrase, meaning "that's life," indicates resignation and acceptance of something that one dislikes but cannot change. I know you're annoyed to have gotten another parking ticket, but c'est la vie. I had hoped to get home early enough to cook dinner, but that didn't happen, so we ordered pizza instead—c'est la vie.
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vie for (something)

To struggle, fight, or compete in order to attain something. The two candidates are so close in the polls that both are vying for any kind of advantage they can find. It's nearly impossible to sit down for a meal with a friend without having the kids vie for your attention the whole time. The region has fallen into disarray as multiple factions vie for power.
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vie with (one)

To fight, contend, or compete with one (for something). Tom and I have vied with one another for top of the class since our freshman year. The embattled kingdom has been vying with three other nations for control over the region. It seems there's a new superstar in the racing world whom you'll have to vie with soon.
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vie (with someone) (for someone or something)

 and vie (with someone) (over someone or something)
to compete or contend with someone for someone or something. They vied with each other for Mary's favor. I really don't want to have to vie with Randy for recognition.

vie for

To contend with another or others to attain some goal, such as a victory in a contest: The top three students in the class vied for the title of valedictorian.
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vie with

To contend with someone to attain a goal, such as a victory in a contest: The champion sprinter will vie with the new young athlete in the final round of competition.
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fact, representative of China's macro strategy regarding VIEs.
Finally, the invalidations of VIEs and VIE-like structures, as seen
As a VIE, a company can raise foreign capital and yet remain in compliance with regulations that restrict foreign ownership in certain industries.
Essentially, a VIE permits foreign investors to enjoy the benefits that come with owning a China-based business in one of these sectors without actually acquiring an ownership stake, and it also allows a Chinese company to raise more cash than would be possible if it was only open to Chinese investment--a "win-win" situation.
The VIE structure is the only way at present to play this game,'' said Paul Gillis, a professor at Peking University's Guanghua School of Management.
regulators, Alibaba says licenses for its online and mobile commerce businesses are held by Chinese citizens to comply with legal restrictions but -- VIE contracts will give shareholders ''effective control.
A reporting entity with a VIE variable interest evaluates if it is the VIE's primary beneficiary (the party required to consolidate the VIE) based on a qualitative assessment of VIE power and benefits.
A reporting entity may conclude no one party, by itself, meets the criteria of VIE primary beneficiary, but that as a group, the reporting entity and its related parties and de facto agents do.
But if VIEs are banned, it could substantially decrease the number of potential foreign investors in China and change the way business is done in China.
A dispute that captured headlines earlier this year between Alibaba and Yahoo, which owns 43% of Alibaba through a VIE, could offer some indication of the future if VIEs were eliminated without an alternative.
SOX 404 Disclosure Requirements for Consolidation of VIEs
Management needs to assess any material weakness in consolidation of a VIE, as defined by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board in Appendix A of Auditing Standards No.
46, FASB concluded a primary reporting entity need not evaluate activities deemed to be businesses to determine whether they are VIEs unless certain conditions exist.
VIE allows users to tag the poll/contest to a location, while allowing them to browse polls via both a list and map view.
En effet, on pourra assurer la vie d'un tiers en l'absence d'interet assurable si on obtient son consentement ecrit.