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haul video

A video posted online in which one shows and discusses many recent purchases. Can also just be called a "haul." I ended up buying so much stuff for my new apartment that I'm going to post a haul video for you guys on Friday! And if you haven't already, check out my UK haul video—I picked up tons of awesome goodies while I was overseas.
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and VJ and video jock
n. a video jockey; a host on a television program that features music videos. (see also disk jockey.) Sally tried out for the veejay job, but she looked too old and stuffy for that kind of work.

video jock

See veejay
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"Our unique social video maker, extensive video creator database and Mari Smith's expertise are powerful foundations for this new initiative.
The only real downside of Instant Videos is that there's no way of telling how much content is being downloaded or cached in the user's smartphone.
Facebook suggests you use a format unique to mobile, such as a vertical or square video. Captions are also recommended so that people can watch your video with the sound off You can even select a featured video to be displayed on your business page and store other videos as well.
Also, the lack of enterprise video solutions and guidelines ultimately drives employees to YouTube as a video sharing solution.
Present to the "video learning" style: Experienced presenters acknowledge attendees' different learning styles and leverage techniques that meet the needs of all types of learners.
Use their RSS feed to keep track of the latest videos [Tom classic cartoons and full-length films to documentaries by young people.
"Every political candidate running for office can now create their own high-quality video hosting site using Zeop," said Zeop co-creator Mike Adams.
Nonetheless, Weber advocates the use of video and DVDs, and the DNB is developing a technology whereby a video screen simultaneously shows the videotaped choreography with the Labanotation scrolling alongside.
Business owners that use YouTube should inform their local newspaper or TV station about their videos as well as inform Web media and bloggers so that they can get extra coverage,
The most alluring feature of these new video host sites is the interactivity that is built into them.
Altogether, Weatiez's videos offer a surprisingly intimate glimpse of the kind of rough-and-tumble jock many gay men, myself included, obsessed over in high school.
The digital revolution has relieved the innovative teacher, who in the past might have wanted to use music and videos as a support/tool, from the difficult task of having to keep constantly up-to-date with current foreign music and TV programs.
Some Lebanonist music videos memorializing Rafiq Hariri were aimed at Syria.
In addition to the pop songs of "Title Variable" and the hostage videos on the CDs at Reena Spaulings, Price has based a number of works around preexisting cultural artifacts.