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and VJ and video jock
n. a video jockey; a host on a television program that features music videos. (see also disk jockey.) Sally tried out for the veejay job, but she looked too old and stuffy for that kind of work.

video jock

See veejay
See also: jock, video
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The ability to distribute video content in a rigidly timed stream is just as critical in Video-On-Demand (VOD) applications as it is in Video Multicast (VMC) applications.
Disney decided four years ago to start making sequels to successful family properties and selling them directly to the video market, saving on production and marketing costs and generating huge profits.
Just as desktop publishing put the power of the printer and the graphic designer into the hands of communication specialists, desktop video is putting the skills of the videographer, animator and editor into the hands of a whole new group of users--corporate video and training departments, small businesses, educators, independent video producers and advertising agencies.
Video and audio recording can even be time shifted when using the docking base in conjunction with the included infrared Blaster.
has spent the last two years quietly cementing its front-runner status in the emerging video search market by indexing millions of video clips from across the web.
We have already amassed a large video library, and we intend to build it into the online video source for PVP owners looking to expand their digital video collections," Oscodar said.
com download store and also allows users to view digital pictures from a digital camera or home video from a camcorder.
Video publishers with an RSS feed can visit: http://www.
Hemingway said publishers now have the opportunity to implement a video platform to allow video on their websites to assist in growing their business by offering advertisers and sponsors unique opportunities to contextually integrate video into the website's content and enable the video to be directly interactive for the online consumer.
In the coming months the searchforipod video player will introduce new features that make it easy to share videos and video playlists within the searchforipod community as well as with already existing large Internet communities.
The typical video game now costs upwards of $10 million to produce.
Truveo's Real-Time Video Index Provides Consumers with Access to the Most Popular, Breaking Video on the Web