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haul video

A video posted online in which one shows and discusses many recent purchases. Can also just be called a "haul." I ended up buying so much stuff for my new apartment that I'm going to post a haul video for you guys on Friday! And if you haven't already, check out my UK haul video—I picked up tons of awesome goodies while I was overseas.
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n. children’s television; television programming aimed at children. Kid-vid isn’t good for anything other than selling cereal.


n. a video [tape]. I rented some vids for tonight so we can stay in and drink beer.
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It can only be generated by the Aadhaar number holder and the UIDAI will provide various options to the holders to generate, retrieve, and replace the VID.
In addition, the company will have the option to modify or replace its wind turbine equipment to the VID design specifications at cost.
Vids would be shown in the vid room all day, and people could wander in and out; it wasn't a big, solemn screening.
Vid la declaracion de 20 de enero de 2000 del senador Jesse Helms ("treaty obligations can be superseded by a simple act of Congress.
The Swedish technical consulting group AB Angpanneforeningen (AF Group) said on Friday (25 August) that it has acquired consulting firm JamtTeknik vid Storsjon AB (JamtTeknik).
One significant advantage of the ISL6505 is that it eliminates the need for a separate 5-lead SOT-23-packaged LDO required for the VID generating circuit.
But surpassing all expectations, the Roar vid depicts our heroine as the queen of the jungle, where she uses her prowess to paint an elephant's toenail and clean a crocodile's teeth.
Stand-outs of the vid included Hardy, Brock, Nicky D, Peter Ramondetta, and Dennis Busenitz' raw street carnage.
The longevity of "America's Funniest Home Videos," now marking the 20th anniversary of its debut on ABC, proves that America never tires of vid clips of cute babies, men getting hit in the groin, women making fools of themselves at weddings and the anthropomorphic antics of household pets.
She has received numerous Finnish and Swedish awards for her novels, including the Runeberg Award for her first novel, Underbara kvinnor vid vatten (1994), and Sweden's prestigious August Prize for Den amerikanska flickan (2004).
Well, if the vid is part of the in-flight entertainment, at least John'll have a captive audience.
It offers customizability with its support for a range of input and output voltages, six different VID codes, choice of two physical configurations and optional feature set.
DANCING around the living room of his Midland home, Vid Stratton can hardly stop talking.
Dynamic VID technology allows seamless on-the-fly VID (Voltage Identification number) changes.