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haul video

A video posted online in which one shows and discusses many recent purchases. Can also just be called a "haul." I ended up buying so much stuff for my new apartment that I'm going to post a haul video for you guys on Friday! And if you haven't already, check out my UK haul video—I picked up tons of awesome goodies while I was overseas.
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kid vid

A video, television program, or film made for young children. Hyphenated if used before as a modifier before a noun. We were commissioned to create a kid vid about healthy eating habits. Kid vids can be hugely lucrative online, often racking up tens of millions of views. This is one of the best kid-vid channels on TV, if you ask me.
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informal A shortening of "video." Usually pluralized. I just found a couple of hilarious vids on YouTube that you've got to check out!
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n. children’s television; television programming aimed at children. Kid-vid isn’t good for anything other than selling cereal.


n. a video [tape]. I rented some vids for tonight so we can stay in and drink beer.
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