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fall victim

To fall prey to something. I fell victim to peer pressure, and I started drinking at the party. Please be careful not to fall victim to senioritis—you can't stop doing your work this close to graduation.
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fashion victim

A person who places too much value on popular trends and styles. It's one thing to have good taste in clothing, but it's another to be a fashion victim who always needs to be seen wearing popular brand names.
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professional victim

slang A derisive term for someone who claims to receive mistreatment from others, usually as a way to get attention. Boy, he's really the professional victim these days. What is he claiming I did to him this time?
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fall ˈvictim (to something)

(written) be injured, damaged or killed by something: Many plants have fallen victim to the sudden frost.
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She knows only too well that the victimhood she wears is another guise for a thuggery; a thuggery perhaps of sentiments.
Like dignity culture, though, victimhood culture is a moral culture.
It not only introduced the notion that the genocide of European Jewry constituted a distinct and defining event in twentieth-century history but also and especially disseminated stories of extremity, ascribed significance to experiential knowledge of victimhood and suffering, and expanded the subject position of witness and the genre of testimony beyond the legal realm (Rothe 7-47).
The relation between the Mugamma and Ahmed's victimhood is clear through all of his interactions inside and surrounding it.
This mainstream account of a binary conflict between a Buddhist state's security apparatus backed by xenophobic nationalists on the one hand, and a disenfranchised Muslim population on the other has supported a description of Rohingya victimhood that today holds a hegemonic grip over Rohingya-related debates and conversations among diplomats, political leaders, the media and the international public.
The perception of victimhood is fueled and sustained by certain sensationalist media, which highlight the dichotomized view of 'us' versus 'them'-with 'us' always the 'good' and 'them' always the 'bad,' or the oppressor.
"But could I put it to the committee that the great danger by attacking this one man is that we can fix on him a halo of victimhood. We give him the role of martyrdom, which can be seen to be an advantage among those that support him.
Vicarious victimhood has become all too accepted as the "organizing category " of 21st-century Jewish identity.
ISIL, at the regional level of Iraq and Syria, is a manifestation of Sunni victimhood and frustration.
However, a recent analysis by Quilliam Foundation found that Daesh propaganda focuses on six main themes: utopia, war, victimhood, brutality, belonging, and mercy.
Many people are smart enough to avoid someone addicted to victimhood. It doesn't take them long to identify the trend toward negativity and emotional immaturity.
VICTIMHOOD has become a chronic condition in the Cypriot communities, north and south, and sustained by a culture of blame.
He is finally behind bars because of the bravery of his nephew, Steven, who came out from the shadow of victimhood and anonymity to publicly accuse his tormentor.
VICTIMHOOD appearing to be morally superior is part of the climate change armoury, targeting the blame away from the poorer 'victim' countries towards the richer Western perpetrators of the environmental destruction, as the Pope appears to be doing in his encyclical.