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fall victim

To fall prey to something. I fell victim to peer pressure, and I started drinking at the party. Please be careful not to fall victim to senioritis—you can't stop doing your work this close to graduation.
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fashion victim

A person who places too much value on popular trends and styles. It's one thing to have good taste in clothing, but it's another to be a fashion victim who always needs to be seen wearing popular brand names.
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professional victim

slang A derisive term for someone who claims to receive mistreatment from others, usually as a way to get attention. Boy, he's really the professional victim these days. What is he claiming I did to him this time?
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fall ˈvictim (to something)

(written) be injured, damaged or killed by something: Many plants have fallen victim to the sudden frost.
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The exclusion, however, does not apply to deferred compensation that would have been payable after death had the taxpayer not been a terrorist victim or to amounts payable in the taxable year that would not have been payable but for an action taken after September 11, 2001.
Descriptive statistics are presented for the number of mercury events per year, locations involved in mercury releases, causal factors contributing to the releases, categories of victims, types of adverse health effects, severity and disposition of the victims, types of personal protective equipment (PPE) worn, decontaminations, and evacuations.
When one thinks of victim services from a systemic perspective, victim impact statements and restitution come to mind.
A similar attitude can be detected in other cases in which a relationship between perpetrator and victim clearly existed.
During 2000, a total of 51 law enforcement officers fell victim to murder while performing their official duties.
But silence is not an acceptable alternative: Victims will never forget what they have been through, and denying them retribution will only build hatred and resentment.
The NCVS provides a skewed picture of rape because it mainly identifies victims of strangers, although eight out of 10 rapes are committed by someone the victim knows, Koss says.
The lifeguard should demonstrate the ability to ventilate a victim in the water with and without a flotation device for support, using stimulated artificial respiration.
Conditional discharge for 12 months with PS15 victim surcharge.
Being a victim of crime can be traumatic and Victims First Northumbria understands the impact is not only on the victim, but can extend to parents, siblings, children, partners and even close friends.
Since the appointment of the MPS Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe in 2011, the MPS has made victim care a priority, with a guaranteed offer of a personal visit to all victims of crime that has led to an extra 175 victim visits a day.
Liz Jarvis, Victim Support Divisional Manager for Northumbria, said she was looking forward to working with Northumbria's police commissioner Vera Baird QC, who has signed up to the charity's Victim Support's Five Promises for Victims and Witnesses, on future plans.
An analysis of data for victims of single-bias hate crime incidents showed that:
of Houston) conduct a wide-ranging critical review of victim issues within the American criminal justice system, addressing historical, legal, political, economic, social, and cultural factors that influence treatment and perceptions of victims in the US.