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vice ring

A group of people organizing and engaging in nefarious, usually illegal, activities, especially those involving sex and drugs. Undercover cops are looking to bust the vice ring responsible for most of the drug deals in this part of town.
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a den of iˈniquity/ˈvice

(disapproving) a place where people do bad things: She thinks that just because we sit around smoking and drinking beer the club must be a real den of iniquity.
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Also unopposed are the candidates for vice mayor are in Bangui, Banna, Burgos, Dumalneg, Nueva Era, San Nicolas and Vintar.
'Pwede mawala si Vice Ganda, pero hindi pwede mawala si Tutoy...
Through the partnership with Jawa Pos TV, a leading news television network in Indonesia, VICE News Tonight, VICE's recently launched daily news show on HBO, will air every night on Jawa Pos TV in a primetime slot.
There are additional updates to the announcement made in July which include: Jim Cron, in addition to his NWA responsibilities, has been appointed as senior vice president, Global Sales and Distribution; Gail Grimmett will serve in the new role of senior vice president, New York; Tom Bach will be senior vice president, Revenue Management; Vinay Dube will take the role of vice president, Alliances; and Tammy Lee Stanoch has been chosen to serve as vice president, Corporate Affairs, Minneapolis.
Division chairmen, who also serve on the CSPA Board are: Ron Davis, vice president, quality technical and regulatory, KIK Custom Products; Dallas Stokes, vice president and creative center manager, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.; Reza Rahaman, senior director, public policy and global regulatory affairs, The Clorox Company; John Roheim, vice president, research and development, NCH Corporation; Allan Howarth, president, Bridgeview Aerosol LLC; William Gullickson, Jr., president and CEO, McLaughlin Gormley King Company; and Stuart Hughes, vice president, technical services, Hillyard Industries, Inc.
One of Nixon's aides called Ford at his home in Virginia that night and asked if he would take Agnew's place as Vice President.
LOUISE MAWHINNEY was named Vice President and CFO, a newly-created position, for Helicos Biosciences Corp., a biomedical research and healthcare provider in Cambridge, Mass.
* establishing a process for the President and Senior Vice President to consult regularly with the chairs of TEI's technical committees and senior staff to develop, refine, and adapt TEI's advocacy agenda;
Biography: LWVNYS Education Foundation vice president, 2004-present; LWVCEF Board chair, 2001-03.
* Romeo Kreinberg, executive vice president, Performance Plastics and Chemicals, assumes oversight responsibility for Dow's corporate marketing and sales function.
THE NEW VICE PRESIDENT FOR DIVERSITY AND EQUITY WAS WORKING BEHIND THE scenes at the University of Virginia before his position even kicked in.
Vice Chair: Joe Davis Sr., Alderman, Milwaukee, Wise.