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have (got) good vibes (about someone or something)

To have good or positive feelings about someone or something. I have good vibes about this college—I could really seeing myself going here. I've got good vibes about this investment opportunity.
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A distinct but unquantifiable emotional feeling, quality, or atmosphere that can exist within some place or be exuded by someone. Often pluralized. I got a weird vibe from the boss during the meeting. There have been a lot of bad vibes around the office after those three employees were fired. My mom has always been about filling our house with good vibes.

vibe out

1. To become absorbed by the music one is listening to, especially that which is very calming or relaxing. I put on my fancy headphones and vibed out to the tunes of my favorite DJ.
2. To experience a state of peaceful, contented happiness. I work in a busy office building all week, so I like to spend my weekends vibing out in nature.
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have good vibes

tv. to have good feelings (about someone or something). (Have got can replace have.) I’ve got good vibes about Heidi.
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n. vibrations; atmosphere; feelings. (Usually with good or bad.) I just don’t get good vibes about this deal.
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