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vexed question

A topic or point that people discuss or argue about at length, but never manage to settle or resolve. After three months of discussions, the vexed question of the disputed border continues to derail peace talks. How the government should go about dismantling the organization is still something of a vexed question.
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a vexed ˈquestion

a difficult problem that people often talk and argue about: They’re discussing the vexed question of private health insurance.
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Give each student a copy of their "vexed" image and challenge them to create an original work of art that incorporates or is inspired by the picture.
Being a comedy drama, Vexed is more in the vein of programmes such as The Thin Blue Line than the ones Miranda lists as her favourites, but that's not to say it's short of characters.
In a unique take on the traditional detective show, Vexed sees Jack partnered with Kate (played by Stephens's good friend Lucy Punch) but the pair spend more time focusing on their personal lives than fighting crime.
They have soldiered in some of the most extraordinary and vexed of circumstances and never let me down."
Nevertheless Shakespeare's further repetition of the dynamic under analysis creates the impression of an oxymoronic vexed still, still vexed experience.
Schwarzkopf's job quietly vexed him (33) Jim Tyrrell Gorbachevv's quixotic plan razed jumpy hawks (37) Albert Tumpson Jeez, by TV film Schwarzkopf expunged Iraq ((35) C.
Gillick is attracted to nebulous "middle grounds": spaces of possibility as well as compromise where the urgent "here and now" of classic modernism becomes the more circumspect "space between the near future and the recent past." As Lawrence Weiner implies, in a characteristically succinct and oblique contribution to the exhibition catalogue, Gillick's work readdresses the vexed relationships between inherent form and inherent meaning, between mise-en-scene and sociopolitical realities, while resolutely resisting any firm conclusions.
`To achieve this, one has to develop one's own human dignity and self-confidence which can cope with vexed interests and also accept others' opinions,' he said.
The international market reshuffling that has vexed the metalcasting business worldwide has been met head-on by domestic foundries and supplier industries.
Created and written by Howard Overman - give that man a proper second series, for this (like Sherlock and The Great Outdoors) is a mere three-parter - Vexed follows the mixed fortunes of an odd couple of detectives, Jack Armstrong (Toby Stephens) and Kate Bishop (Lucy Punch).
Shillong/Guwahati, Nov 11 (ANI): Senior ministers from the states of Meghalaya and Assam are scheduled to meet today to iron out the vexed border dispute between the two states.
In recent times, the reason behind this transition has vexed geologists and naturalists alike.
The prospect of making a history of media art, as the Whitney Museum claims to do with "Into the Light: The Projected Image in American Art 1964-1977," organized by Chrissie lies, is therefore both significant and vexed. How can one give to video and film the are of historical development they tend to undermine through their own procedures?
Can we draw connections between stories, speculate about the development of themes and characters, or does Chesnutt's uniquely vexed relationship to the American publishing establishment preclude su ch traditional habits of scholarly analysis?