vest with

vest (one) with (something)

To grant or endow something, such as power, rights, control, etc., to some specific person or group. Don't you think you've vested the supervisors of each department with a bit too much autonomy? The state has vested me with the power to unite two people in matrimony, a privilege that I do not take lightly. I'm vesting my granddaughter, Sophia, control over my entire fortune.
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vest someone with something

to grant power, rights, or ownership to someone. Who vested you with the power to order me around? The dictator vested himself with the power to imprison almost anyone.
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vest with

To invest or endow someone or some group with something, such as power or rights: The company vests its employees with full pension rights after five years of service. The council is vested with broad powers.
See also: vest
References in classic literature ?
He was a small and dark, but rather delicate looking man for a sea-captain, with large whiskers and moustache, however; and wore a red cotton velvet vest with watch-seals at his side.
Two outside 8 x 6 pockets on bottom of vest with flaps and fastening system of A" wide minimum hook and loop material.
Modern body armor may combine a ballistic vest with other items of protective clothing, such as a combat helmet.
Instavest would be a boon for wounded soldiers who can get can be immediately treated by Doctors by just releasing the vest with a single and split second action (ballistic vests normally cannot be torn of or cut through and in all cases need to be divested completely before a soldier can be treated).
Natick officials also plan to replace the 20-plus layers of Kevlar in the Interceptor vest with a new M-5 fiber that will weigh about one-third less, he said.
1 Blue vest with embroidered flowers, pounds 23, Per Una for Marks and Spencer
2 Yellow vest with blue piping, pounds 6, Dorothy Perkins
The same should be done for police service a nimals, especially supplementing the vest with some type of head covering or helmet device to protect the dog's most vulnerable target zone.
In a recent trial they compared the vest with normal and extra-strong manual compression, and found that the vest pushed more blood and that more dogs survived.