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vertical bath

slang A very long, leisurely shower. You need to stop wasting hot water in there. You're supposed to be getting clean, not taking a vertical bath!
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vertical bathtub

n. a men’s urinal. When I walked into the room with vertical bathtubs, I knew I was in the wrong place.
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The other bank of the stream was open ground -- a gentle slope topped with a stockade of vertical tree trunks, loopholed for rifles, with a single embrasure through which protruded the muzzle of a brass cannon commanding the bridge.
His external balloon, which had the dimensions given above, contained a less one of the same shape, which was only forty-five feet in horizontal, and sixty-eight feet in vertical diameter.
"We may stop here, and die of asphyxiation when our atmosphere tanks are empty," replied Perry, "or we may continue on with the slight hope that we may later sufficiently deflect the prospector from the vertical to carry us along the arc of a great circle which must eventually return us to the surface.
Only the tail lashed back and forth, and only the eyes gleamed like jewels in the full light of the window they faced, the vertical pupils contracting to scarcely perceptible black slits.
His low forehead was seamed with wrinkles above the eyes, and over the nose these became vertical. The heavy black brows followed the same law, saved from meeting only by an upward turn at what would otherwise have been the point of contact.
Consequently, at the moment of firing the visual radius applied to the moon will describe, with the vertical line of the place, an angle of sixty-four degrees.
Not a liner in air but knows the meaning of that vertical beam and gives us and our quarry a wide berth.
The Mark Boat's vertical spindle of light lies down to eastward, setting in the face of the following stars.
"I remember the old days of common white verticals that 'ud show two or three hundred feet up in a mist, if you knew where to look for 'em.
If the number of the species of a genus, or the number of the genera of a family, be represented by a vertical line of varying thickness, crossing the successive geological formations in which the species are found, the line will sometimes falsely appear to begin at its lower end, not in a sharp point, but abruptly; it then gradually thickens upwards, sometimes keeping for a space of equal thickness, and ultimately thins out in the upper beds, marking the decrease and final extinction of the species.
There is reason to believe that the complete extinction of the species of a group is generally a slower process than their production: if the appearance and disappearance of a group of species be represented, as before, by a vertical line of varying thickness, the line is found to taper more gradually at its upper end, which marks the progress of extermination, than at its lower end, which marks the first appearance and increase in numbers of the species.
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All the objectives of fabricating a good denture are difficult to achieve when pre extraction records are not available.10 In maxillary arch incisive papilla is considered as a stable landmark used to determine the vertical dimension of an edentulous patient as well as the position of the anterior teeth.11 However in case of mandible there is no stable and reliable landmark available for recording occlusal vertical dimension.11 Lingual frenum however can be considered as a stable landmark and can be recorded accurately.12 Its function is to attach the tongue to the floor of the mouth.