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brains and brawn

Mental acuity or intelligence and great power or physical strength, considered together. Our star football player got into an Ivy League school because he has brains and brawn.
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brains versus brawn

Mental acuity or intelligence in contrast to great power or physical strength. This isn't a case of brains versus brawn—you need both intelligence and physical strength in a situation like this.
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nature versus nurture

The debate regarding whether heredity (nature) or the environment (nurture) play a more prominent role in determining one's physical and mental development. Often shortened to "nature vs. nurture." Two of the triplets have found incredible success, one as a world-renowned scientist and the other as an accomplished author and playwright, while the third has done very little with his life. It's certainly an interesting case study when considering nature versus nurture, don't you think? People talk about nature versus nurture as if it can only be one or the other, failing to realize that each person grows as a result of a complex and dynamic combination of both.
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save versus (something)

In tabletop roleplaying games, to resist or guard against some threat or outcome, such as poison, traps, death, etc. "Versus" is often abbreviated as "vs.," "vs," or "v." Quick, try rolling to save vs. poison from the giant spider's bite! You need a minimum of DC 14 in order to save versus the mage's Wand of Fireball.
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shirts and skins

slang A way to designate the players on two different teams in a casual sports game in which the teams do not have uniforms. The "skins" are the players who remove their shirts (thus exposing their skin). Come on, guys, we don't have all day—let's just do shirts and skins and start playing!
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brains and/versus brawn

intelligence and/compared with physical strength: In this job you need both brains and brawn.
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A large majority of high-achieving small business owners use social media (70% versus 49% overall).
* Shared others' syringes to divide drugs: 42% versus 34%
Sales of Sensipar/Mimpara (cinacalcet) increased 15 percent to $216 million in the fourth quarter of 2011 versus $188 million in the fourth quarter of 2010.
Saxby Chambliss, R (pro) versus one of five Democratic opponents
The fact that all participants' memory was comparable for events heard in English versus Greek but all remembered information was stated in English, even when initiated by a bilingual experimenter in Greek, suggests two possible memory strategies with respect to bilingual memory: A)Bilinguals translated all story events heard in Greek into English during encoding, internally, illustrating language neutral memory or B)Bilinguals encoded, organized, and stored all information from story events in the language in which events were initially presented, suggesting language specific memory, and then translated all remembered information heard in Greek into English at recall, externally.
With human newborns, Fantz measured how long they gazed at two-dimensional versus three-dimensional circles, high-contrast versus low-contrast designs, and organized drawings of faces versus scrambled patterns of similar shapes.
5) Assess how participants' willingness to participate versus sense of coercion, may be affected by use of different types of incentives, remuneration, and/or provision of medical care; different features of the research setting (e.g., personal physician as recruiter and/or researcher, private funding versus federal funding); and characteristics of the participants (e.g., health status, age, ethnic/cultural background, education, gender).
A major component of the dominant view of the world order in the nineteenth century was the civilization versus savagery dichotomy.
Canadian acquirors of foreign assets was up 20% in activity -- 318 announced transactions versus 265 -- and up 141% in dollar volume -- $56.5 billion versus $23 billion.
This study demonstrated that oral administration of specific antigens effectively reversed the manifestations of chronic graft versus host disease.
These are typically categorized into two (e.g., problem - versus emotion-focused, active versus passive, coping versus succumbing, adaptive versus maladaptive), three (e.g., behavioral-focused, cognitive-focused, and emotional-focused), or four (e.g., problem-focused, reappraisal, reorganization, avoidance) higher order coping categories (Billings & Moos, 1981; Krohne, 1996; Lazarus & Folkman, 1984; Mikulincer, & Florian, 1996).
We also examined the relative impact of methicillin-resistant versus -sensitive strains of S.
Choose among the following for comfort: Tights versus shorts; Singlet versus short sleeve versus long sleeve; Coolmax versus other materials; and Cotton or acrylic socks.
The [M.sub.H]-[M.sub.L], as shown in figure 3, demonstrates that the DC40SR and VC40SR give lower crosslink densities at equal levels versus their non-scorch resistant counterparts.
Citing data from Neilsen TV Audience Measurement, the Gozon-led network said it beat its main competitor by a hairline difference with a 31.8-percent average audience share in Urban Luzon versus its rival's 31.7-percent share.