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brains and brawn

Mental acuity or intelligence and great power or physical strength, considered together. Our star football player got into an Ivy League school because he has brains and brawn.
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brains versus brawn

Mental acuity or intelligence in contrast to great power or physical strength. This isn't a case of brains versus brawn—you need both intelligence and physical strength in a situation like this.
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shirts and skins

slang A way to designate the players on two different teams in a casual sports game in which the teams do not have uniforms. The "skins" are the players who remove their shirts (thus exposing their skin). Come on, guys, we don't have all day—let's just do shirts and skins and start playing!
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brains and/versus brawn

intelligence and/compared with physical strength: In this job you need both brains and brawn.
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The fact that all participants' memory was comparable for events heard in English versus Greek but all remembered information was stated in English, even when initiated by a bilingual experimenter in Greek, suggests two possible memory strategies with respect to bilingual memory: A)Bilinguals translated all story events heard in Greek into English during encoding, internally, illustrating language neutral memory or B)Bilinguals encoded, organized, and stored all information from story events in the language in which events were initially presented, suggesting language specific memory, and then translated all remembered information heard in Greek into English at recall, externally.
Comparative analysis of the learning styles of German versus other adolescent from diverse nations by age, gender, and academic achievement Level.
Banks of Armenia slowed down corporative crediting growth rates almost to 0,1% for the 2Q 2013 versus 10,7%
versus April 2012), the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre of Armenia told ArmInfo.
versus May 1 2012), the share of deposits in foreign exchange was 70% or 920.