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trust, but verify

Have faith in someone or something, but be sure to confirm their trustworthiness independently. The phrase comes from the Russian proverb ???????, ?? ???????? (doveryai, no proveryai), popularized in English by US President Ronald Reagan. A: "I want to believe her, and I don't want to offend her, but ultimately I'm skeptical." B: "Trust, but verify. Make a phone call to confirm what she's saying is true." Of course I don't doubt that everyone on the team is putting in the hours they are supposed to, but I wouldn't be a very good manager if I didn't make sure. Trust, but verify, right? When it comes to political alliances, the old maxim always stands true—trust, but verify.
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verify (something) with (someone or something)

To check with someone, some group, or some establishment that something is accurate or correct. I'll have to verify that with the boss before I can sign off on it. We've been trying to verify the information with the State Department.
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verify something with someone

to check with someone to make sure that something is the truth. I will have to verify your story with the storekeeper. I verified your story with the other witness.
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