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verify something with someone

to check with someone to make sure that something is the truth. I will have to verify your story with the storekeeper. I verified your story with the other witness.
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When power quality problems occur, portable power-monitoring equipment can sometimes help to locate the problem, but for a large facility, an EEM system--with its network of permanent mount meters installed at key locations--can verify power quality around the clock.
This paper focuses on how PI can help with one specific practical concern for LIS, namely, how one can verify the accuracy of recorded information.
PureSpec is the leading verification IP product used by chip designers to simulate, and verify PCI Express and Advanced Switching design interfaces.
Your client could reduce her exposure to large losses by blanking out the quantities for more expensive products, thus requiring receiving employees to verify these items.
Producers are going to have to verify for packers and retailers that their livestock have been born, raised and slaughtered in the United States.
Third, the methods that state survey agencies use to verify compliance will vary with both the seriousness of your facility's noncompliance and the number of revisits that have already occurred.
The Service Could not verify the indexes used by the taxpayer; there was insufficient information available to repeat the taxpayer's calculations and arrive at the same indexes.
Because on key can't easily be derived from the other, a user can keep one key secret, using it to create a digital signature, and make public the other key so that anyone can verify -- but not forge -- that signature.
When Verify customers had urgent needs to augment their own CWI teams, Verify provided AWS-CWI resources with advanced skills in aerospace surgical steel and aluminum fusion welding inspection and in process assembly.
Verify maintained a Silver composite for each month of the 12-month performance period from Oct.
Verify had previously been certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard since 2001.
Electric Boat is supplementing their supplier quality organization with qualified specialists from Verify to perform source inspections and audits.
The Tolly Group Tests Verify Multiple Points of Resiliency of the Wi-Fi Array