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In essence, "crawling on all-fours" suggests that Kurtz has become "a veriest savage," a brute that cannot see or experience the higher realities of the spiritual life.
Spun out of the successful Veriest consulting company its solutions are based on real-world, practical verification projects.
As a leading verification service provider, Veriest has partnered with some of the world's largest SoC developers and consumer electronics companies," said Hagai Arbel, CEO of Veriest.
Robinson writes, "To believe in God as love means to believe that in pure personal relationship we encounter, not merely what ought to be, but what is, the deepest, veriest truth about the structure of reality.
I felt as though I were the veriest amateur, with all my stage training and experience counting for naught.
Markwick was an observer of great ability and experience, and his vast fund of practical knowledge in this respect was ever at the disposal of the veriest tyro in telescopic work.
Fundamental to Carr's experimentation with wrenching the traditional meanings of words and syntax (as in "Avers like the one I was, like/the veriest fool alive"--from "Bird Fragments") is the fact that Carr's mother is dying of Alzheimer's, a disease that robs the individual of her history, her identity, and of the sensibility of language itself:
The world had waited expectantly for its launching and again for its sailing; had read accounts of its tremendous size and its unexampled completeness and luxury; had felt it a matter of the greatest satisfaction that such a comfortable and above all such a safe boat had been designed and built and then in a moment to hear that it had gone to the bottom as if it had been the veriest tramp steamer of a few hundred tons; and with it fifteen hundred passengers, some of them known all the world over
Even the veriest unredeemed savage in the jungle must be proud of Wallace's Sarawak-made apercu.
But for the fact that I was slightly drunk, sans jacket and tie, and with hands in pockets, I was the veriest model, the paradigm, nay, the cynosure, of Mr.
Recent acquisitions were 'the veriest stupid rubbish that, if read, must demoralise the mind and debase the intellect'.
One member said that "the whole book is of a class that is more profitable for the slums than it is for respectable people, and it is trash of the veriest sort.
Ergo those who cause plays, well, they are veriest plague-crows .
place, they shift with race; and in the veriest span of Time,