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Defiance of convention was an at-home mental attitude with Mabel; face-up with it, she wilted--was the veriest moral poltroon.
T]he music is soul-stirring enough to open the eyes of the veriest sluggard in camp, and to make him feel like fighting after he is up.
It provides an entertaining quotation demonstrating its use from diarist Samuel Pepys: 'The veriest knave and bufflehead that ever he saw in his life'.
Another businessman is the butt of this uncharitable observation from Justice Voelker: "Perhaps only the veriest dunce would have gone ahead with the deal.
One writer suggested that under Mormon rule "suffrage became the veriest sham," as both dead Saints and Mormon livestock regularly voted.
I look upon this bill as the merest quackery--the veriest charlantanism--so far as the currency of the country is concerned.
These ku-klux scoundrels are the veriest cowards on earth, and they should be dealt with.
There is a pleading in His pensive eyes Will pierce thee to the quick, and trouble thee And thou wilt hate and loathe thyself, for though Now sinless, thou wilt feel that thou hast sinned As never thou didst feel; and wilt desire To slink away, and hide thee from His sight: And yet wilt have a longing aye to dwell Within the beauty of his countenance And these two pains, so counter and so keen --this longing for him, when thou seest him not; The shame of self at thought of seeing him--Will be thy veriest, sharpest purgatory.
The Montreal Herald dismissed McGee's accusations as "the veriest rubbish" and added that they were "entirely unsupported by the slightest evidence.
One does not have to be deeply versed in metaphysics to know, as does the veriest villager, that it is a greater goodness to prevent a man from failing into a ditch than to let him fall in it and then pull him out after an hour, and it is better to keep a murderer from killing someone than to torture him on the rack for the murders that he has been permitted to commit.
But this seemingly innocuous assertion of reproducibility, the veriest common sense you may think, already conceals a quantitative ignorance about the natural world: how accurately do we know that the results, here and there and next week, are the same?
Yet, according to the authors of a pair of recent articles, the two supposedly alarming trends are the veriest illusions.
Would a white man for less than fifty cents a day make himself the veriest slave of the community?
In the process, they profess a courtly self-restraint that opposes the artisanal Sly's extremity: "we can contain ourselves,/ Were he the veriest antic in the world" (Ind.