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nothing ventured, nothing gained

You have to take risks in order to achieve anything meaningful. A: "I'm thinking of asking my bosses for a raise, but I'm a little bit nervous." B: "Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained." It was a bit of a shot in the dark taking a job in a different country, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!
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Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you do not take risks, you will never accomplish anything. Bill: Should I ask my boss for a promotion? Jane: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think I'll audition for a part in that play. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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venture forth

1. Fig. to set out; to go forward; to go out cautiously. George ventured forth into the night. I think I will venture forth. It looks safe.
2. Fig. to go forth bravely. Let us venture forth and conquer the enemy. We will arm ourselves and venture forth against our foe.
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venture out (something)

 and venture out of (something)
to go out of something cautiously. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Peter ventured out of his house for only a minute into the cold. He ventured out the door for only a moment.
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venture (up)on someone or something

to come upon someone or something by chance. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on. The entire expression is formal or stilted.) David ventured upon Fred, who was out looking for mushrooms. I ventured on a little shop on Maple Street that deals in old model trains.
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nothing ventured, nothing gained

One must take risks to achieve something, as in They quit their jobs, packed up, and moved to Wisconsin, saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Although this adage has appeared in slightly different form since the late 1300s, it was first recorded in this form only in 1624. For another version, see no pain, no gain.
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nothing ˌventured, nothing ˈgained

(saying) used to say that you have to take risks if you want to achieve things and be successful: Go on, apply for the job. You know what they say — nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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venture forth

To proceed despite possible danger or risk: After the storm subsided, we ventured forth to assess the damage.
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venture into

To proceed into something despite possible danger or risk: The explorers ventured into the dark cave.
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venture on

or venture upon
To come upon something by chance or fortune: The travelers ventured on a charming country inn. The explorers ventured upon a hidden cache of gold.
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at a venture

By mere chance or fortune; at random.
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