vent spleen

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vent (one's) spleen

To voice one's anger. Mom's been venting her spleen to me for an hour already. Apparently, Aunt Marie has wronged her yet again.
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vent one's spleen

Fig. to get rid of one's feelings of anger caused by someone or something by attacking someone or something else. Jack vented his spleen at his wife whenever things went badly at work. Peter vented his spleen on his car by kicking it when it broke down.
See also: spleen, vent
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Coming just a week after the EU Referendum result, the Godiva Festival offered Sir Bob the perfect chance to vent spleen over a fractious campaign which saw the rocker take on Nigel Farage in a bizarre confrontation on the River Thames.
because he is a quality managerIt is a cardinal sin at any level of the game to vent spleen at your players
So far thousands of residents have turned out to vent spleen against the scheme.
He said: "The predominant lines are those that allow us to vent spleen, to put people down.
They read extensively among records of widely varying objectivity and ranging in perspective from "speculative sentimentality" to "books perpetrated solely to vent spleen." From their diligent and methodical research and analysis they have produced a book that is at once detailed enough to include snapshots of roles of women in just about every communion and synagogue in the decades since 1656 and succinct enough to fit into just over 300 pages, including notes and index.
Then it's Round Two with much finger-jabbing and shouting as the hot-heads vent spleen.