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give (full) vent to (something)

To passionately express one's negative emotion, such as anger, frustration, etc. Once we left the office, Sally gave vent to her anger about how promotions are unfairly awarded in our department. I work in customer service, so I'm used to people giving full vent to their frustration.
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need to vent (to someone)

To have a need to vocalize one's negative thoughts, emotions, or reactions (to someone else, especially someone impartial). Sorry for venting to you like that, I've just been under a lot of pressure lately. Thanks for listening—I guess I just needed to vent about work for a few minutes.
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vent (one's) spleen

To voice one's anger. Mom's been venting her spleen to me for an hour already. Apparently, Aunt Marie has wronged her yet again.
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vent on (someone or something)

To subject someone or something else, especially an innocent party, to one's negative emotions or reaction. A noun or pronoun can be used between "vent" and "on" to specify the negative emotion. Sorry for venting on you like that, I've just been under a lot of pressure lately. Don't vent your frustration on the kids, Dave—they didn't do anything!
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give vent to something

Fig. to express anger. (The something is usually anger, ire, irritation, etc.) John gave vent to his anger by yelling at Sally. Bill couldn't give vent to his frustration because he had been warned to keep quiet.
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vent one's spleen

Fig. to get rid of one's feelings of anger caused by someone or something by attacking someone or something else. Jack vented his spleen at his wife whenever things went badly at work. Peter vented his spleen on his car by kicking it when it broke down.
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vent something (up)on someone or something

to release one's emotional tension on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Henry vented his anger on Carl. It's no use to vent your hatred on a door. Kicking it won't help.
See also: on, vent
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give vent to

Express an emotion, as in He didn't dare give vent to his annoyance in front of her parents. [Late 1500s]
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vent one's spleen

Express one's anger, as in Some people see town council meetings as a place where they can vent their spleen. This expression uses vent in the sense of "air," and spleen in the sense of "anger," alluding to the fact that this organ was once thought to be the seat of ill humor and melancholy. [First half of 1600s]
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vent your spleen

If you vent your spleen, you express your anger about something. He took up the attack, venting his spleen against the government for a full hour.
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give vent to

express or release (a strong emotion, energy, etc.).
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vent your spleen

give free expression to your anger or displeasure.
2003 Guardian Woodgate 's clumsy challenge on the striker was not contested, though the visitors wasted little time in venting spleen at both the culpable Danish midfielder and, erroneously, the young pretender.
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give (full) ˈvent to something

(informal) express a strong negative feeling freely and forcefully: I tried to stop myself giving full vent to my anger.
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vent your ˈspleen

(literary) express your anger in speech or writing: He vented his spleen on the assembled crowd.In the past, people believed that the spleen (= a small organ near the stomach that controls the quality of the blood cells) was responsible for making someone feel sad or bad-tempered. From this, it came to mean a person’s anger.
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vent on

To release some strong emotion by taking action against someone or something: The frustrated travelers vented their anger on the employees of the airline.
See also: on, vent
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vent one’s spleen

tv. to release one’s anger. I just feel like I have to vent my spleen at somebody.
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