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Birds Eye's frozen veg range currently boasts a market share of 26%.
The new 'buy bagless' fruit and veg shelves are expected to result in a similar switch from bagged to loose - saving an estimated three tonnes of plastic a week, equating to 156 tonnes a year.
Don't be a slave to raw Books, blogs and social media often claim the only way to eat veg is crisp and raw - 'just as nature intended'.
It's going to be out-of-this-world delicious and nutritious, pairing perfectly with what Melissa and Kalina have planned for all those in attendance." - Chef Shelley Croft, Owner of Living Veg
Whether it's bananas, which is rich in potassium and fibre, to vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots and green leafy veg, which provide more valuable plant chemicals, like carotenoids (which are thought to give us the most protection), the rewards are many.
In the present study; we found that the HDL levels were within the normal range in both veg and non-veg group.
The Burgess family has been growing vegetables for decades and the Burgess Harvest Veg brand embodies the family's passion and knowledge for the fresh produce sector.
Until the beginning of May 2013 VKW will also take over all of VEG's employees.
Emma, 33, runs Village Veg, a box delivery and direct sales operation with partner Kevin Hallberg, 47.
Plus, for just pounds 9.99 each, you can also order a further five vegetable starter kits or a free growing pack - so you can save money and grow your own veg each year.
THEO WALCOTT has been keeping himself busy by fronting a new campaign to encourage young boys to eat more fruit and veg, writes Steve Palmer.
With Veg Out Vegetarian Guide to Seattle & Portland (Gibbs Smith Publishing, $12.95), eating healthy is not only convenient but is entirely hassle-free.
When Veg Pro International evaluated the benefits and issues that would result from replacing its corrugated containers with returnable plastic ones, it didn't take them long to do the math.
Grains Council's Value-Enhanced Grains Solutions Web site,, has added the VEG Virtual Trade Show, providing a platform for buyers and sellers of value-enhanced grain products, goods and services to identify potential business partners.