veer off (of) (something)

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veer off (of) (something)

1. To turn or swerve off of some path, trajectory, or direction very sharply or abruptly. The car suddenly veered off the road and crashed into a tree. I veered off of the race course because I thought I knew of a shortcut.
2. To diverge or deviate suddenly from some established plan, idea, topic, or purpose. I'm having a tough time keeping the team focused and not allowing the project to veer off course. The debate veered off into an argument about the senators' personal lives.
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veer off (from someone or something)

to turn or steer sharply away from someone or something. The bird veered off from the cluster of trees. The bird veered off and missed hitting the post.
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veer off

To turn aside suddenly and leave some course, direction, or purpose: The tire blew out, and the car veered off the road. The road veers off to the right, so stay alert. The teacher veered off the topic and left the students bewildered.
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Mishap averted: Air India express plane veers off from taxiway at the Kochi airport; all the 102 passengers are safe
The truck hits a speeding car, veers off the road, then bursts into flames and crash into another truck parked on the side.
Delta jet veers off runway at Hobby airport in Houston A Delta Air Lines jet has veered off a runway at William P.
It gets louder and louder and louder and then veers off into a groan.
Although it sets out to cover a year of the ups and downs of two of her own racehorses, Waterwheel and Wowie, Smiley easily veers off into the history and lore of racing, as well as many horse anecdotes, and also provides an introduction to racing's extensive and unique vocabulary.
Michael dozes off, but as his vehicle veers off the road, he awakens in time to avoid hitting a girl standing on the side of the road.
Dickinson's tale of being recruited by Tyra Banks to judge the maddeningly addictive reality series America's Newt Top Model quickly becomes an insult-hurling throw-down about Eileen Ford and fellow judge Kimora Lee Simmons, then it veers off onto the topic of body hair--waxing before coming full circle.
Fifth Avenue reverts to a jungle trail, trod almost exclusively by primitive man; while Broadway, seeing its fellow's fate, veers off to the west as it travels north, avoiding the dark kingdom from afar.
The book veers off course, though, when it turns to the subject of biotechnology.
Limiting himself to high theory inadequately tested against reality, Dodgshon's explanation of change veers off on unproductive tangents.
#4, who normally screens for 1 in the regular "A" set, starts toward the high post and then veers off to the screen for 3.
In places the gutter veers off and plunges enigmatically into the ground.
Remembering the orientation of her sister bee's waggle dance back at the hive, the bee veers off at the same angle to make a beeline for lunch.
What initially appears to be a racially motivated killing soon veers off in a totally different direction.