veer off (of) (something)

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veer off (of) (something)

1. To turn or swerve off of some path, trajectory, or direction very sharply or abruptly. The car suddenly veered off the road and crashed into a tree. I veered off of the race course because I thought I knew of a shortcut.
2. To diverge or deviate suddenly from some established plan, idea, topic, or purpose. I'm having a tough time keeping the team focused and not allowing the project to veer off course. The debate veered off into an argument about the senators' personal lives.
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veer off (from someone or something)

to turn or steer sharply away from someone or something. The bird veered off from the cluster of trees. The bird veered off and missed hitting the post.
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veer off

To turn aside suddenly and leave some course, direction, or purpose: The tire blew out, and the car veered off the road. The road veers off to the right, so stay alert. The teacher veered off the topic and left the students bewildered.
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This Audi R8 Spyder collided with several items of street furniture after losing control and veering off the road.
"The bus was being driven at a very fast speed and we just saw it veering off the road.
THE daughter of a motorcyclist who died after veering off a Gateshead road has said a 'piece of her heart is missing' after the death of her 'friendly giant' dad.
-- PGA of America President Paul Levy is facing a misdemeanor DUI charge after veering off a road in California and hitting a sign last week.
Summary: Vehicle splits in two after veering off the road and smashing into a tree
The driver of the vehicle ferrying the mourners lost control before veering off the road.
Nearly two dozen people ( died in April after a bus plunged nearly 1,000 feet after veering off a highway in eastern Nepal.
A spokesman for the airfield said: "There was a mishap with an aircraft veering off the runway on take-off.
An eclectic range of poetry, Pirate Music has a sense of humor that nods to conventional poetry while veering off formula.
"When I felt the car veering off the road, I touched the brake, but it had no effect."
Not because of terrorists, who we weren't worried about back then, but because I knew many private pilots had only the most modest training and were fully capable of veering off course and crashing into one of the tall buildings.
To keep the math-savvy students from veering off track, Atchison's team partnered with George Mason University and came up with a plan.
She said: "The road bridge is usually so congested in this spot that many drivers perhaps don't realise the potential dangers of veering off the road.
Throughout his career the Cardinal was a champion of democracy and the rights of the poor--but skillfully managed to do this without veering off into the Marxist tendencies that tainted some clergy in Latin American countries.