veer off (of) (something)

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veer off (of) (something)

1. To turn or swerve off of some path, trajectory, or direction very sharply or abruptly. The car suddenly veered off the road and crashed into a tree. I veered off of the race course because I thought I knew of a shortcut.
2. To diverge or deviate suddenly from some established plan, idea, topic, or purpose. I'm having a tough time keeping the team focused and not allowing the project to veer off course. The debate veered off into an argument about the senators' personal lives.
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veer off (from someone or something)

to turn or steer sharply away from someone or something. The bird veered off from the cluster of trees. The bird veered off and missed hitting the post.
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veer off

To turn aside suddenly and leave some course, direction, or purpose: The tire blew out, and the car veered off the road. The road veers off to the right, so stay alert. The teacher veered off the topic and left the students bewildered.
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References in classic literature ?
At my movement the beast veered off a bit and commenced circling us.
Three people aged 10, 47, and 49 years died instantly Tuesday afternoon when a pickup vehicle they were travelling in veered off the road, hit a bridge and rolled on the Otjiwarongo-Kalkfeld road.
The sad incident occurred on Tuesday morning, after a cement truck belonging to Dangote company veered off its lane and collided with a 60-seater high capacity Bus Rapid Transit BRT.
Supt Molefhe said the vehicle hit a cow that was crossing the road, veered off the road and rolled several times.
It slid off the runway during landing and veered off towards its right wing.' All the passengers were evacuated from the aircraft by the airport staff immediately, he added.
Police in Bomet County have impounded a lorry belonging to the General Service Unit unit as it ferried 450 cedar posts.The Isuzu lorry GKB 447R veered off the road and landed in a ditch on Monday morning as it ferried the posts from Chebunyo to a neighbouring county.
Summary: Solan (Himachal Pradesh) [India], May 30 (ANI): Passengers travelling in a Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) bus had a narrow escape as the vehicle they were travelling in veered off the road.
According to the local people, the van driver lost control and the vehicle veered off the road and overturned.
Both cars veered off the road and hit spectators, causing serious injuries and instant death to some
The white Audi R8 Spyder lost control and veered off the road in Stretford.
Horn Poch said the driver veered off the road and crashed into the house around 100m from the national road.
that veered off and instantly feeling it "He never called me his stepdaughter, he always called me his daughter.
A DRIVER veered off the road and into a wall after youths threw a firework through the open window of his car, causing an explosion which left the vehicle destroyed.
KARACHI -- A Pakistan International Airline (PIA) aircraft veered off the runway at Panjgur Airport, Balochistan Saturday.
Several flights were canceled on Monday still due to excessive flight delays after a Xiamen Airlines plane veered off while landing and blocked the runway late last week, causing major flight schedule disruptions.