veer toward

veer toward (someone or something)

To turn or swerve suddenly or sharply in the direction of someone or something. Thankfully I saw the van veering toward us, and we were able to get out of its way in time. The stampeding animals suddenly veered toward the ravine.
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veer toward someone or something

to turn sharply or swerve toward someone or something. The car suddenly veered toward me. The horse veered toward the side of the bridle path.
See also: toward, veer
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On the contrary, we seem to have a nonchalant attitude, unmindful of what we are doing that veer toward its destruction.
I aim for authoritative (highly responsive with high demands) and increasingly I get it right, but my tendency is to veer toward the permissive/indulgent type (highly responsive with low demands).
As so many mainstream films venture further into the screamingly implausible, indie efforts veer toward the understated and mundane, their realism obviating any perceived need for drama.
On the flip side Jason and deMarco can veer toward overwrought and bombastic, such as on "I Found the Number." They whip up the drama, but the song falls flat as they take turns wailing the fairly innocent words of a betrayal note: "You're cute; give me a call."
And in a few places, the book's recurring message of self-realization and empowerment can veer toward Oprah-speak: "I have been endowed with the nature to live my absolute best life, and only I can determine what that means," Abdul-Ghafur declares in the book's opening essay.
Here references to Caspar David Friedrich and Edvard Munch--whose paintings Dolven has reworked in video--miss the mark, as do nods to the sublime, which veer toward romanticism if not kitsch.
They may veer toward or away from authoritarianism, but they do know, as we do, that it will not work.
As interesting as this exercise has been, my conclusions so far veer toward feeling that we are, in fact, better off in 2001 than we were then (to paraphrase the much-used slogan of the recent campaign).
If we fail at this "most human" task, we veer toward further division and war--Rukeyser's central preoccupation throughout this book.
As we veer toward politics, let's not overlook the former mayors, former governors, former House Speakers, and even former presidents who have sold their authority in one commercial forum or another.
Some researchers suspect that impulsive youngsters veer toward delinquency regardless of their IQ, whereas other scientists theorize that impulsivity simultaneously erodes both a child's intelligence and his or her law-abidingness.
But on the whole his shock tactics are milder; the "Falcon" photos in particular veer toward a more poetic, nostalgic--almost elegiac--brand of regression, along the lines of younger American like Slater Bradley or Ryan McGinley.
On the way to school, I'd walk up the hill with my best friend and we'd chat chat chat about maths homework and boys and sweets, and I'd start on the other side of the pavement, then I'd slowly veer towards her, bump into her, she'd forcefully elbow me away to the other side of the pavement and then I'd stay there for a bit, then slowly veer towards her, then bump into her.
In a blog for website The Daily Beast he added: "And while Buckingham Palace has rightly deplored the impropriety of disclosing Her Majesty's private remarks, it has been careful not to define her views, nor to deny her sympathies might, on occasions, veer towards Brexit."
THE fourth-generation Subaru Forester might veer towards the mainstream a little more than before but it remains a brilliant all-rounder.