veer toward

veer toward someone or something

to turn sharply or swerve toward someone or something. The car suddenly veered toward me. The horse veered toward the side of the bridle path.
See also: toward, veer
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The absorbing component is formed in the crotch region with a first folding guide extending from a middle zone between transversely opposite side edges that extend, in turn, parallel to each other in the height direction respective to the side edges so as to veer toward the front waist region.
On the flip side Jason and deMarco can veer toward overwrought and bombastic, such as on "I Found the Number.
And in a few places, the book's recurring message of self-realization and empowerment can veer toward Oprah-speak: "I have been endowed with the nature to live my absolute best life, and only I can determine what that means," Abdul-Ghafur declares in the book's opening essay.
Here references to Caspar David Friedrich and Edvard Munch--whose paintings Dolven has reworked in video--miss the mark, as do nods to the sublime, which veer toward romanticism if not kitsch.
They may veer toward or away from authoritarianism, but they do know, as we do, that it will not work.
As interesting as this exercise has been, my conclusions so far veer toward feeling that we are, in fact, better off in 2001 than we were then (to paraphrase the much-used slogan of the recent campaign).
If we fail at this "most human" task, we veer toward further division and war--Rukeyser's central preoccupation throughout this book.
As we veer toward politics, let's not overlook the former mayors, former governors, former House Speakers, and even former presidents who have sold their authority in one commercial forum or another.
Some researchers suspect that impulsive youngsters veer toward delinquency regardless of their IQ, whereas other scientists theorize that impulsivity simultaneously erodes both a child's intelligence and his or her law-abidingness.
The vehicle might slowly veer toward the center line and then jerk back to the center of the roadway, then again slowly veer toward the center line or the fog line and again jerk back to the center.
But on the whole his shock tactics are milder; the "Falcon" photos in particular veer toward a more poetic, nostalgic--almost elegiac--brand of regression, along the lines of younger American like Slater Bradley or Ryan McGinley.
The show's barrage of subplots tend to be hit-and-miss, and some of the topics of conversation - for example, cell-phone roaming plans in next week's episode - veer toward being too familiarly reminiscent of ``Seinfeld'' gags.
Blocked near the rail in midstretch, the colt and jockey Corey Nakatani had to veer toward the grandstand to find a clear path in the final yards of the 1-mile race for 3-year-olds.
He also had a habit, in those early workouts, of trying to veer toward the inside rail, earning a short-lived reputation as a problem horse.
Moments after the restart, Eliseo Salazar spun and ignited an accident that saw Marco Greco veer toward the outside wall, slamming into leader Roberto Guerrero.