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veer away from

1. To turn or swerve very suddenly away from someone or something, especially so as to avoid hitting them or it. I managed to regain control of the vehicle and veer away from the crowd of people at the last second. The car veered away from the ditch at the side of the road, but ended up smashing into another car as a result.
2. To change course or avoid some possibility very suddenly or abruptly. Following public outcry, many companies have begun veering away from this sort of business model.
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veer into (someone or something)

To turn or swerve very suddenly and forcefully into someone or something, especially in a reckless manner. Police shot the tire out on the suspect's car, causing it to veer into the side of a building. I was so distracted that I veered right into my math teacher, Mr. Adams.
See also: veer

veer toward (someone or something)

To turn or swerve suddenly or sharply in the direction of someone or something. Thankfully I saw the van veering toward us, and we were able to get out of its way in time. The stampeding animals suddenly veered toward the ravine.
See also: toward, veer

veer off (of) (something)

1. To turn or swerve off of some path, trajectory, or direction very sharply or abruptly. The car suddenly veered off the road and crashed into a tree. I veered off of the race course because I thought I knew of a shortcut.
2. To diverge or deviate suddenly from some established plan, idea, topic, or purpose. I'm having a tough time keeping the team focused and not allowing the project to veer off course. The debate veered off into an argument about the senators' personal lives.
See also: off, veer

veer (away) (from someone or something)

to swerve away from someone or something; to turn aside to avoid someone or something. The plane veered away from the mountain. The car veered from the children who were in its path.

veer off (from someone or something)

to turn or steer sharply away from someone or something. The bird veered off from the cluster of trees. The bird veered off and missed hitting the post.
See also: off, veer

veer toward someone or something

to turn sharply or swerve toward someone or something. The car suddenly veered toward me. The horse veered toward the side of the bridle path.
See also: toward, veer

veer off

To turn aside suddenly and leave some course, direction, or purpose: The tire blew out, and the car veered off the road. The road veers off to the right, so stay alert. The teacher veered off the topic and left the students bewildered.
See also: off, veer
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